What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme — The Viral Facebook Meme

A meme game What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme is flaunting on social media since the Covid year. Using a variety of images, users are asking people to choose any one image that matches their vibe. Here’s more about this trendy meme.

Memes are an amazing way to explain information in hilarious way. These memes are passed from one generation to another by non-genetic means especially by imitation. Internet and the social media applications are the most used platforms to spread these memes in current era.

A meme game became famous in the Covid year that asks the users to select their vibe form a range of images. These images consist of cartoon characters, food and drinks or many other images with curses written on it. They also accompanied a number or a letter written on it so other commentator may answer with whatever image suits the poster.

Here is a detailed explanation of What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme’s meaning and origin, keep reading!

About What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme

Image Of About What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme

What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme is actually a game users are playing, it allows their followers to define them using an image or a character. The meme started in the first quarter of Covid year and it surfaced till the end of year on almost all social media platforms.

The meme was shared on Facebook initially in April 2020 and then it made its way to other social applications including Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. After going viral for several months it settled down and then in December 2020, it made a comeback with a viral Instagram post. From food items to anime characters and even birds, social media users tried every image to know what followers think about them.

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Origin Of What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme

Image Of Origin Of What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme

The viral meme game “What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme” was originated from Facebook On April 21st, 2020. A Facebook user named as “Caroline Vondergeist” uploaded an image, which contained labeled characters and numbers with a translated caption “”How do you define me?”.

It became hugely popular among the users and it racked up over 2,100 likes and 39,000 shares in just nine days. After two days, a Facebook group “Dank ADHD Memes” reposted Caroline’s image with the caption “I’m intrigued what vibes do I give off? This time the meme reached more people and it amassed 4,000 reacts and 120,000 shares in just 7 days.

Few days later, the meme game reached Instagram and became popular among the Instagram users as well. On April 25th, 2020, an Instagram user @illfuckanythinginajeanjacket uploaded a similar post of the meme using random characters and cursed images.

The post’s caption reads “what vibe do I give off?” this is how this meme game got its name as What Vibe Do I Give Off Meme. 2,600 Instagram users liked this image in just five days.

Following this, Twitter users also came forward to share the meme using different images and on April 29th, it reached Tubmlr as well. A Tumblr user bilbo-swwaggins posted an alteration of meme with the caption “”What Vibe Do I Give Off?”

The meme resurged on the internet when an Instagram user cyberbunnybones posted the meme with What Vibe Do I Give Off” caption. The image featured five female Wojak variations including Mommy E-Thot, Daddy’s Girl and Trad Girl. The post became hugely popular and it received 16,600 likes in a week.

Bottom Line

So, have you figured out What Vibe Do You Give Off? If not then what are you waiting for? Roll your sleeves up and be part of this fun game. Good luck!

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