Mommyfarmer On TikTok – How Was Boone Killed?

Mommyfarmer has revealed the heartbreaking news on TikTok recently. She is a popular content creator and was often accompanied by her dog Boone. Here is more about who Mommyfarmer is on TikTok and how was her beloved dog Boone killed.

Known on social media as @mommyfarmer, Rebecca Pyle is a famous TikToker who creates content featuring her mighty farm. The content creator has gone viral on the platform recently as she has shared a heart-wrenching news. On the unfortunate date of (23rd May 2022), mommyformer lost her adorable pet.

As the name suggests, Mommygfarmer owns a huge farm and she creates content featuring her animals. According to the available information, we came to know that she has given shelter to more than 50 pets. Here is more you need to know about Mommyfarmer, her farm, and he lost pet.

How Was Mommyfarmer’s Dog Boone Killed?

Image Of How Was Mommyfarmer’s Dog Boone Killed

According to the her TikTok bio, Mommyfarmer is “A storybook farms with animals who don’t “Make Good Decisions”, www.TwinPines.Farm.”

She owns 26 acres of farm that is located in Jackson County, Missouri. The majority of her TikTok videos feature her experiences with her animals. You would be surprised to know that her farmhouse is more than a century old. Yes, you heard it right, she was overlooking a 1860s farmhouse and a barn.

She also overlooks a shelter house where she has kept more than 50 pets. Alongside TikTok, she is also quite famous on Instagram. Having featured adorable animal content, users pour buckets of love into her videos. The majority of her content is funny, adorable, and wholesome.

Everything was going well until a tragic incident took place yesterday. She has discussed the unfortunate incident in her latest video on TikTok. Her fans are in awe as they have come to know that Mommyfarmer’s adorable dog has lost his life following an unfortunate incident.

Mommyfarmer’s Dog Boone Was Killed Intentionally  

Image Of Mommyfarmer’s Dog Boone Was Killed Intentionally

Boone is intentionally killed by someone, however, mommyfarmer has not decided to reveal the actual cause behind it. She has not disclosed any further information about the incident but it is clear so far that he was killed intentionally.

Her family is in deep shock and they are mourning the loss of such an adorable pet. Not her family alone, but all her fans are saddened to hear about her loss. Fans also have expressed how heartbroken they are in the comment section of the trending video.

The video is making rounds online and in a matter of 24 hours, it has boasted more than 2.3 million views. It is also been bombarded with more than 45K comments and all of the comments show sympathy for Boone’s owner.

Whilst sharing the video, Mommyfarmer has revealed that witnesses were there when the poor pet was killed. She also has added that, she won’t disclose the reason why Boone was killed and about the killer. Boone’s mommy also has requested her fans to respect their privacy while they are mourning the loss of their sweet boy.

Here is how fans responded to the news:

One user wrote: “I cannot imagine your family’s pain right now – I’m so very sorry.”

Another said: “My stomach just turned. I’m so sorry. Lots of love x”

“This hit me like a ton of bricks and I can’t even imagine what you and your family are going through. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss”, cried another.

“We respect your privacy and shed our tears together for Boone. He made us all smile, laugh, and adore him. Our deepest condolence to you and family”, said another.

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The Last Words

This was all about who Mommyfarmer on TikTok is and how her sweet pet Boone was killed. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the available information.

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