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The content creators on TikTok are pouring an acronym ‘ISTG’ in the captions and comment section while the rest of the users are looking for its meaning. If you are among such users baffled by this viral acronym, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the trendiest slang from TikTok.

Having more than a billion users from almost every corner of the world, TikTok has become a multi-lingual hub. People use slang terms and they become signature lingo for the users later on

If you are a newbie to this video-sharing app, you will get to see plenty of alien slang terms that will surely get you mad. These slang terms will make you realize that you have grown old or out of touch. After spending years on TikTok, we have realized that every generation has its own collection of slang terms.

With every scroll, new slang terms pop up on the foryou page of the video-sharing application thus to survive on this platform you need to cope with all these slang terms. And to deal with your young and intelligent followers you will need to understand all the slang terms used on this video-sharing app.

The latest TikTok slang that is making the users mad is ‘ISTG’ and here is its meaning.

What Is The Meaning Of TikTok Slang ISTG?

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The actual meaning of ISTG is I Swear To God. Instead of writing a long long sentence, the brainy TikTok users have created this acronym. Although the slang is quite self-explanatory, several users are unable to get its meaning. These grumpy users have now taken it to Twitter to discuss how annoying this shorthand is.

One user wrote on Twitter, Me: I’m really done with this dude ISTG Him: I miss you Me: I miss you more”.

In the literal sense, this acronym is used to convey exasperation and seriousness.

Here is what Urban Dictionary says about this slang term:

“I swear to God~ it is a way of expressing you’re being honest about something or expressing extreme annoyance at someone.
Friend~Your such a liar you dad didn’t buy you a Lamborghini.
Me~He did, istg!
Friend~Ha Ha my parents are richer than you
Me~istg you so annoying ;-;

by XxZoexX July 27, 2020”

ISTG Meaning TikTok

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Here are some more definitions of ISTG according to the Urban Dictionary:

“It’s the acronym of “Is Sana the Gayest?” featuring Japanese member Sana of the Asia One Top Girl Group “TWICE” who is infamous of being “gay” with her members.
Istg? Of course!
by Lester Englandson May 19, 2019”

“Means: I stan G-Dragon
and you should, too
“Ugh, istg so hard.”
“I stan G-Dragon, he is the best.”
by gdmorelikegod May 26, 2020

“I stay on tha grind means u get money and hustle hard
man istg don’t know who i’m
by gyft November 9, 2007”

ISTG is the short form of “I swear to God” Also means I promise.
ISTG that microorganism is not my boyfriend!!!
by Nlovespastel April 13, 2019

Considering the definitions available online, we can conclude that this is not a new slang, it is rather an old acronym that existed online for more than a decade now.

Some TikTok users are using S2G to convey the same meaning. It means ‘Swear To God’. The trendy hashtag #istg has garnered over 160 million views on TikTok so far.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of ISTG on TikTok. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for. Let us know in the comment box if there is anything new you know about this acronym.

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