Money Mantra TikTok — Gone Viral On Internet

We have seen so many TikTok challenges and trends in 2020 but Money Mantra Tiktok must not be missed. Since the start of Corona Pandemic, TikTok has come up with a lot of entertaining challenges and trends to give users a reason to smile. Though it has been a tough year but TikTok has not disappointed its users in terms of entertainment.

Money Mantra Tiktok is a trend going viral on internet these days. Users have claimed that this challenge has helped them achieve good fortune. Let’s dive into more detail to know how to achieve good fortune by following a simple TikTok Trend.

In a recent video the creator of money mantra Tiktok, “King” has said that the listeners will feel emotional reaction to this song. He further explained that “The reason that you have an emotional reaction to this mantra is because you’re healing your connection to money.” He further added that this mantra helps to get rid of the “clutter” that is blocking people away from getting energy and the flow of money.

What Is Money Mantra TikTok

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A famous TikTok user “King” has come up with an amazing song. Soon after releasing, the song has gone viral on the Internet. According to King, if people listen to this mantra on repeat and shake four pennies in their hand, good fortune aka some extra cash will soon come their way. Well, that sounds so good! How can anyone even think of missing this trend?

The Money Mantra TikTok by King, has become famous among the TikTok community. Will you believe if I say the video has been listened to more than four million times till now? No? Well, you have to believe this. Because the video has become a big hit in a very short span.

Some of the TikTok users have given reactions to the song saying, it is true that the song attracts money towards you. A user has shared the video using the following caption, “I listened to this last night and this morning I got a check for $3,000. No freaking joke,” Another user said, she got money from her parents to get pair of her long awaited dream shoes.

Another listener of Money Mantra TikTok has revealed that she received cash and a job interview after listening to the mantra on repeat. She added, “I’ve been playing this sound nonstop since last night and today I got two checks. I also got a call for an interview for a new job. This mantra works. Put it on replay and watch the universe give you money,”

The TikToker, King has also shared his opinion for why the Mantra doesn’t work for all. According to him “Some people were gonna just get out of their own way. Some people were gonna learn that their natural state was abundance. The Money Mantra is not so you can get money. The Money Mantra is so you feel abundant at all times, that’s why the wave is so big.”

Money Mantra Lyrics

If you are searching for the money mantra lyrics then here you go!

Ching ching ching goes the money tree

And every time it ching money comes to me

It all flows in so abundantly

From the top, left, right, and up under me

Wave wave wave I’m a money wave

Money flow money flow money made

Flowing in and out plus money saved

Debt debt debt all debt is payed

Ching ching ching goes the money tree


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Concluding Remarks

Whether the Mantra works or not the trend has already engaged millions of people. We just hope that this Mantra works wonders for you. Good Luck for your attempt folks!

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