MrBeast Cancelled: YouTuber Facing Backlash On Internet

Fans have cancelled MrBeast online after the YouTuber has attempted to recreate the hit Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ in real life. The popular YouTuber has spent over $3 million to create a set that resembles the set created for the original series.

Fans are baffled after MrBeast has come up with an odd idea of recreating the most popular hit series ‘Squid Game’. The majority of fans have opposed this idea and are concerned about the resources he is wasting on coming up with such dumb projects. A real-life ‘Squid Game’ sounds crazy to most of MrBeast’s followers thus they are demanding to cancel the YouTuber.

Although this recreated series won’t involve any violence, still social media users think that the YouTuber shouldn’t have taken it up. Here is more about how the recreated series will look like.

Why Is MrBeast Cancelled?

Image Of Why Is MrBeast Cancelled

The decision of MrBeast to recreate the Netflix series based on similar names has amassed several negative responses from the Netizens.

After some fans have inquired about the developments in this project, the YouTuber has recently rolled a TikTok video that showcases the set he has designed for his series. The video has become massively popular among the users but this time for the wrong reason. Even though the video has earned over 32 million views, fans do not seem happy with it.

The most common concern among MrBeast’s followers is the fact that he has spent huge money on creating just the set. According to TikTok users, it was not necessary to spend such a huge amount of money. And for them, it is just a waste of resources.

While discussing the huge budget spent on the set one TikTok user wrote, “Doe MrBeast deserve to be rich. Yes-Like. No-Ignore.”

Before the video of the set was posted on TikTok, MrBeast has already uploaded it on Twitter. As people came across the video, they started inquiring about the budget spent on it.

When one Twitter user inquired, “You are actually ridiculous… how much did the total project cost?” MrBeast responded saying, “Around 2 mil to build and produce and 1.5 million in prizes”. That means, he has invested around $3.5 on the whole game.

MrBeast is facing backlash from both his Twitter and TikTok followers. This time they are not impressed with whatever their favorite YouTuber has come up with. Thus they are demanding to cancel MrBeast.

MrBeast Cancelled For Re-creating Squid Game In Real Life

Image Of MrBeast Cancelled For Re-creating Squid Game In Real Life

There also are some fans who are thrilled to witness the setup for real-life Squid Game, the majority of fans do not seem interested.

One Twitter user wrote, “Instead of doing something good with my immense amount of money I now have decided to spend an immense amount of that immense amount to recreate a tv show where people in extreme poverty attempt to get money to survive”

Some loyal fans of MrBeast have stood up to back their forever favorite YouTuber. They deem that canceling someone over a game is simply not fair.

While defending MrBeast one Twitter user wrote:

“They’re just wanting attention or to cancel a man who actually uses millions of dollars to help those in need. So yeah cancel him ppl where he can no, longer help others! Morons they are I tell ya! @MrBeast . God Bless U 4 ur help 4 others. Ppl are just hatersYou made it!”

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why is MrBeast being cancelled and the details of his upcoming project that has enraged many. What is your stance on this decision of fans? Let us know in the below comment box.

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