Hogging Meaning On TikTok — Explained

TikTok users are in shock after the meaning of “Hogging” has been revealed by numerous content creators online. If you are still not aware of its meaning, here we have got you all the details of this viral word from TikTok.

As the weird word “hogging” has gone viral on the video-sharing app, TikTok content creators are discussing the unethical meaning of this trendy word. This term has gone viral on TikTok after a video creator named Megan Maepes has talked about it in her recent video.

In the video that went viral really fast, Megan Maepes discussed the meaning of Hogging, which is a completion popular among college Fraternities in the US. This TikTok video was posted on the platform on October 4th but the popularity of this video has suddenly soared up now.

As the video’s popularity is skyrocketing, users believe that such frat practices must be stopped now.

What Does Hogging Mean On TikTok?

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A not-so-popular practice has baffled TikTok users after a content creator has revealed the details about it. Though the term ‘Hogging’ already existed in the Urban Dictionary, the majority of people are getting to know about it now.

According to the urban dictionary, ‘Hogging’ means:

“A competition, usually between a group of men that involves going to a bar/frat/house party. Participants go with the direct intention of hooking up with the fattest girl at the party. The guy who bags the fattest girl wins.”

Well, this is something really disturbing. Most people believe that if they haven’t heard about it earlier, it must not be common. But the truth is, Hogging is quite common among many college fraternities.

Discussing her personal experience of this frat practice, this plus-sized social media influencer Megan Meapes said, “Hogging is a practice of achieving masculinity.”

She further added, “One of the ways men can do that, in their eyes, is by sleeping with the greatest number of people possible. They see fat women as easy targets.”

This practice typically involves young college students who prey on women they consider fat, unattractive, or undesirable.

Megan also addressed a research paper in her TikTok video saying, “Sometimes they (men) will then, in the completion of having sex with her. Have the entire group of men come barging in the room. And they’ll start oinking and harassing the woman until she leaves that space.”

Hogging Meaning Explained

Image Of Hogging Meaning Explained

As soon as people have come to know about this insane practice, the video has become immensely popular. It has garnered over one million views.

As Megan has revealed this filthy practice, numerous other plus-sized women have come forward to talk about their personal experience of this practice. Sadly, several women have experienced this practice in the past.

Addressing how “hogging has affected her mental health one user wrote, “Ohhh something similar to this happened to me. I have never recovered”.

Another user wrote, “Hogging sounds like a straight-up crime. I just want to hug anyone this has ever happened to. Ughh”

However, people who heard about it for the first time are in shock. One user wrote, “Didn’t know this was a thing. I have no words. Nobody deserves that treatment”.

“This makes me extraordinarily angry. I can’t believe people do this. Monsters”, added another.

A similar incident was reported in 2018 when Cornell fraternity was placed on probation after its members conducted a contest called a “pig roast.” This contest involved men competing to sleep with women. For this, they considered ugly, undesirable, and overweighed women the most.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of Hogging on TikTok. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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