Netflix Wrapped 2020 – Find Your Watch History

Have you heard people talking about “Netflix Wrapped 2020” on various social media platforms? Want to know what does it mean and how to wrap you watch history on Netflix? If yes, then you are going through the most related post. Keep reading and learn to get Netflix Wrapped 2020.

The year 2020 has been the most difficult year of this decade. It came with the Corona Pandemic and now as the end of year is approaching, we all are still fighting with the deadliest Corona Virus. The pandemic forced almost every country to go for lockdowns and the people have spent this whole year inside their houses.

While staying home the only way to spend time was to watch Netflix, play video games and scroll through the social media. Shortly, these social media platforms have been our support system throughout this year.

As every social media application has enabled the users to look back at the memories of this year, Netflix viewers’ can also look back to wrap up the whole year. Let’s look into this feature more closely!

What Is Netflix Wrapped 2020

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After the Spotify Wrapped, Snapchat Year-In Review and Facebook Year rewind, Netflix users have also option to get their Netflix Wrapped 2020. This newly launched feature enables the viewers to know how much time they have spent while looking at the big screens.

To create Netflix Wrapped 2020, data about all the TV  Shows and films we’ve watched throughout the year has been collected. It also comprises of your habits and it contains every single detail. About the number of days, hours and seconds that you have spent on Netflix watching your favorite genre.

Most of the Netflix users are searching for this feature on Netflix, if you are one of those then please don’t waste your energy. Because this feature isn’t available on Netflix itself. It is a chrome extension created by a Canadian software engineer Niko Draca. 

He announced about the feature from his TikTok account and since then the news has spread like fire. As Most of the Netflix users are trying to know about how it actually works, we have come up with all the information to help them out. Keep reading and know how this feature works.

How Do I Get My Netflix Wrapped 2020

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To get your Netflix Wrapped 2020, you have to follow the below instructions,

Firstly, you have to have the Chrome Extension. If you don’t have it, then visit the Chrome Web Store. Once you get there, you will find the extension under the name “Netflix Wrapped”. Then tap on the option that says “Add to Chrome”.

Once the download is complete, open your Netflix account and open the newly downloaded Netflix Wrapped Chrome extension. Then hit the start button and wait until the data shows up.

Now, you will get to see a paragraph. It will tell you about how many days, hours or seconds you’ve spent watching Netflix in 2020. Following this, you will also get to see the amount of hours you’ve spent watching Netflix per month. A pie chart will also generate to show the amount of hours you’ve watched per day over the week.

The extension also tells you about which genres you have watched the most over the year. And the content rating you usually watch. Though this is an amazing tool to look back but the users might get slow response due to the increased traffic on the website.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Netflix Wrapped 2020. Hope information provided in this article will help you to get your Netflix Wrapped 2020 smoothly. Happy Scrolling!

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