Juju TikTok Dance – NFL Player Being Mocked

If you are an active user on TikTok then you might have watched the trending Juju TikTok Dance that has garnered millions of hearts and shares. The video is created and posted by NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster.

The video features Juju Smith-Schuster dancing on the Bengals logo before a game. Along with the praise, the video has received some negative comments as well. This article will discuss all the reactions this viral video has received.

TikTok is an amazing platform to showcase one’s talent. It has provided a best podium for creative dancers, actors and other content creators. In some recent days, NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster has also become famous for his dance videos. In a very short time span he has become a TikTok sensation, accumulating millions of followers.

The 24 year old player has gained huge 2.6 million followers on the app and the count is still rising. His every video gets up to 10 million views and makes their way to the Foryou page every single time. If you haven’t seen his videos, we would suggest you to check them out once. You can find him as @juju on the app. He mostly dances to the popular song Corvette, and his routines have become hugely popular amongst TikTok users.

In a recent video, the young player can be seen dancing on the Bengals logo before a game. Though the video has become viral and many of TikTok users have loved the dance but some users have also passed negative comments.

The American player is being mocked by majority of people for this recent cocky dance video. Juju TikTok Dance was created on 21st of December when The Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Cincinnati Bengals. This video has paved paths for an unending controversy between his fans and the critiques.

Some TikTok users have come to know about the player right after this viral video. People are still searching to get Juju’s TikTok as the controversy has caught fire.

Juju Smith-Schuster

Image Of Juju Smith-Schuster

The viral video of Juju Smith-Schuster has collected 8.3 million views and 439,000 likes along with some negative comments. People have started roasting the player as the Steelers ended up losing to the Bengals 27-17.

After seeing them losing the match, a TikTok user commented, “I’m sorry but JuJu deserves every roasting from Bengals and Steelers and NFL fans alike. To do TikTok dances on an opponent’s logo, you have to at least win right?”

Another user added “Hmmm Bengals stomp on the terrible towel & disrespect it years ago & could never beat us. Juju dancing on midfield team’s logos, curse is now switched. Juju I love you but for the love of god just quit the god damn stupid TikTok dances,”

After so many similar comments we can conclude that Juju’s TikTok dances are actually going viral for all the wrong reasons. Some NFL fans have declared the logo dance disrespectful, players from the Bengals have also agreed to this.

After considering all these reactions Juju has added the following remarks,

“I’m not going to stop being myself. I’m going to be the Juju I’ve came in to be – authentic. TikTok is a new platform that I’ve used to touch my fans and grow. This is something I’ve been doing, since the start of the season, mid-season. I even did it on a Cowboys logo.

So it’s like, it’s not just their logo, but the Steelers logo and, and I’m trying to just keep doing it, you know. I’m just having fun doing myself. … Yes, we lost. They had a few words to say, and it is what it is. So, yeah, I’m not gonna stop doing it.”

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This was all about the viral Juju TikTok Dance. Hope the article has provided all available information. You can contact us using the below comment box for any further queries.

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