Nokia President Meme Says Don’t Google “Nokia President”

The latest meme to take over the social media with the storm is Nokia President Meme. The majority of Netizens are unaware of its meaning and are curious to know what the meme means.

If you are afraid to Google the phrase “Nokia President”, you are not alone. Most of the users are not willing to look for the meaning as they don’t want to encounter any racial slur or dirty prank. In past also, similar trends went viral where social media users asked their fellow users not to search any phrase or to Google a certain phrase that later turned into pranks and racial slurs. Hence, this time again, social media users are suspicious about the viral Nokia President Meme.

Similar “Search on Google memes” that went viral on Twitter a few months back were, ‘what dinosaur has 5000 teeth,” and the “25th Island Of Greece”. For some users, these memes turned out to be hilarious while some didn’t understand their logic.

What Is Nokia President Meme

Social media users are asking their friends to look up for the phrase, “Nokia President” while others are warning their followers not to Google this phrase. Some social media users have even challenged their fellows to search for this phrase, hence the meme is gaining traction and it is going viral.

The meme is quite simple to comprehend for users who understand the prominent languages spoken in Indian subcontinent, while the rest of users might not get the meaning. Upon searching about the Nokia’s President on Google, users get to see the details of Nokia’s current president.

Unable to understand the context most of the users have taken it to Twitter. One user posted, “Someone told me to look up for Nokia’s president, why? While another user said, “Everything was going so smooth, then I searched Nokia President on Google”.

Following this some other users have asked their followers on Twitter to look for the meme phrase. They have posted “Go and search the President of Nokia on Google”. Another user has addressed his fans in Hindi language saying “Sun vro, Google pe “President of Nokia search kr”.

Following the increasing number of Tweets, this meme has gone viral on almost all social media platforms now. Many users are also snooping to know the logic behind this meme. Well, upon searching on Google for Nokia President, you will get to see the name of the president, i.e. Pekka Lundmark. What’s hilarious for users is the surname of Nokia’s president.

Origin Of Nokia President Meme

The meme seems to have been originated from Twitter initially. The meme trend has begun in the mid of this month while it got traction in recent three days. Now, thousands of users are challenging their friends to look up for the meme phrase on Google.

After going viral on Twitter, this popular meme trend has now shifted to many other social media applications including Facebook and Instagram.

Spread Of The Meme

Taking its roots from Twitter, the meme trend has reached YouTube also. A YouTube channel titled Meme Cinema has created a video featuring them searching for the viral phrase on Google and showing up the results. The video has earned hundreds of views in just three days and the count is still on.

You might have seen this trend on almost all social media platforms if you are an avid user. You might also have got the logic behind it.

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Bottom Line

The viral Nokia President Meme is hilarious for some users, but most people have found it a useless one. What is your opinion about this meme? Let us know in the below comment box.

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