Is Chagasy A Genuine Platform To Shop? Find Here

A web store named “Chagasy” is making rounds on internet lately. Most of the users are unable to differentiate whether the website is a genuine one or not. If you are among these users, we have gathered here all the required information you needed to know. Have a look!

With each passing day, users encounter websites having unique and attractive products. Sometimes the websites turn out to be genuine ones while in other cases they trick the users by sending them low-quality products. In some cases, users haven’t even received any product they ordered and paid for.

Considering such cases, it is important for users to identify legitimate websites before they shop for anything. For this purpose, we always write reviews for most of the new websites, and this article also is dedicated to revealing a new website named “Chagasy”.

Let’s dig in deep to know whether Chagasy is a scam or a genuine site to shop.

What Is Chagasy

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Chagasy is a web store that has become quite popular among online shoppers in recent days. It deals in attractive, chairs, kitchen, and dining accessories at affordable prices. The website further claims that they do not compromise on quality, price, luxury, and comfort. If you haven’t visited the web store yet, here are some accessories that it deals in:

  • Wide caramel fabric chair.
  • Hercules series church chair.
  • Wide plum chair.
  • Manual can opener.
  • Philips drywall screws.
  • Zinc-plated link chain.

Most of the products displayed on the website are the ones that everyone needs in their daily life. Seeing affordable and quality products, thousands of users are getting attracted to the website. However, most of them are reluctant to believe the information provided on the site as it is a newly established store.

Is Chagasy A Scam

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To know whether it is legitimate site or a scam, we made an extensive research on the following aspects,

  • Domain Age
  • Payment Mode
  • Customer Reviews
  • Trust Rank
  • Social media presence

Let’s discuss each of the above points in detail.

1. Domain Age

The domain is just few days old as the website is created on 07-06-2021 and will expire on 07-06-2022. Being just 22 days old, the website lacks experience so, we would suggest the shoppers not to rely on it until the website becomes few months old.

2. Payment Mode

The website allows the users to choose among various payment methods including PayPal, MasterCard, and debit cards, which is a positive sign. It also claims to have an exchange and return policy of 14 days.

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Chagasy Review

3. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the main tools that justify the legitimacy of an online store. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spot any customer review on Chagasy’s website. This point made us suspicious about the legitimacy of the web store.

4. Trust Rank

To check the legitimacy of this online store, we checked the trust rank of it online. The website got a trust rank of 14.9 out of 100 and trust score of 2% which is quite low.

5. Social Media Presence

After further investigation, we came to know that the Web Store isn’t available on any of the social media platforms. This is again a negative sign.

Besides the above points, the website’s Email doesn’t relate to the domain name and it looks quite unprofessional. Some products do not have their names mentioned on the site, which is again a negative sign. The last point that makes no sense is, they allow only one purchase per customer within $99.

Final Verdict

After considering all the above points, we have come to the conclusion that, momentarily the website is a suspicious one. Users must wait until the website’s performance improves.

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