Windows 11 Meme — Going Viral On Internet

Ahead of Windows 11 launch, a meme trend mimicking the Software giant is going viral on the Internet. Want to know why is the meme trend so popular? Here’s the answer!

Retiring the Windows 10 finally, Microsoft was all set to surprise its users with the latest version of Windows, i.e. Windows 11. However, a week before the release date of Windows 11, someone has spilled the beans already. A leaked build of Windows was made available on Internet and users learnt about the surprise before they must have known.

The Twitter handle of PCWorld confirmed about the leaked version and said: “Windows 11 is here, and we’ve gone hands on with a leaked build in advance of the Microsoft Windows event next week. Here’s everything from the new UI to the new, massive Widgets.… via @markhachman”

Considering the whole scenario, meme creators rolled their sleeves and they have come up with some hilarious memes. Here are the viral memes and reactions to the trending Windows 11 leak.

What Is Windows 11 Meme

Image Of What Is Windows 11 Meme

As stated earlier, the Windows 11 Meme trend has rise to popularity after users came to know about the leaked build of Windows 11 ahead of its release date. Soon after the details about Windows 11 were made available online, users started giving hilarious response to the surprise pre-revealed.

This meme trend is currently going viral on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and other socializing platforms. According to the details available on the internet, Microsoft has come up with an improvised version of Windows. Users have also exclaimed that the features added in Windows 11 are worth the wait.

Whether leaked or not the new version of Windows has attracted a considerable attention of users and they have given a positive response to the new additions. People have talked about various newly added features; the most admired additions are the newly added default wall papers.

Famous personalities like Tom Warren have also talked about the new operating system of Windows. He also has discussed some added features including the Start Menu, Start Button, and more.

Origin Of The Meme

Image Of Origin Of The Meme

Though there isn’t any definite detail about the origin of meme, the information about the upcoming operating system was revealed by Baidu 0n the 15th of June, a week prior to the actual release date.

After confirming these details, various websites started posting about it. So, the users also started making fun of Microsoft as their surprise got busted. Meme creators also posted hilarious memes on Twitter and people seem to enjoy the trend.

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Examples Of The Meme

Here are some viral memes and responses about this ongoing meme trend.

Ed Boon Posted, “I guess we can assume… Mortal Kombat 11 runs on Windows 11.” Tom Warren posted from his official Twitter handle saying “I’ve seen people suggest the Windows 11 leak was intentional. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Microsoft doesn’t spend millions on marketing campaigns to then leak an unfinished version of their work just a week before a big Windows event”.

Here another hilarious response made by the Twitter account PC Gamer “Nothing lasts forever. Not even Windows 10, which is headed towards forced retirement.”

Tredlocity revealed their curiosity about the new Windows version saying “a copy of Windows 11 has leaked but please be careful if you’re trying it out” wow you are seriously overestimating how much of a hurry I am in to get windows 11”.

Bottom Line

Although Windows 11 was about to launch on 24th June, the pre-revealed features made the launch even more popular. The popularity of Windows 11 got traction before even it launch, also users enjoyed the trend.

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