Nyquil Chicken Meme TikTok – Explained

The Nyquil Chicken Meme is the latest meme sensation on TikTok and users are warned not to interact with it. It started as the Nyquil Chicken Challenge, which involved mixing chicken with a chemical before cooking it. The challenge faced severe backlash on TikTok and now it is trending again on the video-sharing app under the name Nyquil Chicken Meme. Here is all you need to know about what the Nyquil Chicken Meme is all about and how it started on the video-sharing app.

TikTok is known for its entertaining dance trends, challenges, and hilarious skits. It also is used by several influencers to create awareness among the public regarding several important things. From teaching people about how to fight stress and anxiety to reporting abuse and making DIY items, TikTok has several positive things for its users.

However, the platform is also popular for its controversial content and dangerous challenges. Challenges like the blackout challenge, the blue whale, and the milk crate challenge, have hurt several users of the video-sharing app.

The latest challenge that has turned out as a meme recently, ‘Nyquil Chicken Meme’ is the latest discussion on the video-sharing app. Here is what the Nyquil Chicken Meme is all about and what are users talking a lot about it on the video-sharing app.

What Is The Nyquil Chicken Meme On TikTok?

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Though Nyquil Chicken Meme has just made it to TikTok, it was present online since 2017. It takes its roots back to a post made on Chan by a user who talked about making “sleepy chicken” or “bedtime chicken” by using NyQuil to marinate it.

The post became viral on Chan on other platforms and several other users tried to attempt it. It also made its way to Twitter and a user named @trjstn even added a photo of the marinated chicken with a caption: “If she makes you NyQuil chicken…don’t let her go.”

Nonetheless, the craze ended in a few weeks. But, it again became popular after a YouTuber D1GS1TE posted a video featuring himself and his friends trying out this viral chicken recipe. The recipe turn out to be a disaster however the video became quite popular.

Following this video in the year 2020, the trend again made its way to TikTok and several users joined the bandwagon to attempt this trend.

What Does Nyquil Chicken Meme Mean On TikTok

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As several people are still trying out this recipe, FDA has taken this matter into consideration and has decided to raise awareness about it.

Speaking about the potential harm that this trend can cause, FDA said:

“Boiling a medication can make it much more concentrated and change its properties in other ways. Even if you don’t eat the chicken, inhaling the medication’s vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to enter your body. It could also hurt your lungs. Put simply: Someone could take a dangerously high amount of the cough and cold medicine without even realizing it.”

The statement has come as a shock for several users as they have come to know people actually were trying this recipe.

If you are intending to be part of this meme trend, don’t even think about it. It can have severe consequences. Instead of making the trend go viral by taking part in it, report all the videos that come with such content. Doing so will make TikTok a safe place for you and for all your loved ones.

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The Last Words

This was all about the Nyquil Chicken Meme on TikTok and about its origin. What’s your opinion about this bizarre chicken recipe? Let us know in the comment box provided below.

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