“Pick Me Girl” Meaning On TikTok – Meaning Explained

“Pick Me Girl” is the most trending catchphrase on TikTok but the majority of users are unaware of its meaning. If you are among the users snooping for the meaning of “Pick Me Girl”, you are on the most appropriate site. Keep scrolling and get all details about this most happening catchphrase from the video-sharing app.

With each passing day, TikTok users introduce a new slang term on the platform. The continuous addition of slang terms to the TikTok dictionary has made it difficult for the users to cope with each of these new additions.

Besides random slang terms and acronyms, the TikTok users also have different words to describe certain people on the app. Like the word Dark Academia that revolves around literary classics and school uniform. Similarly, Cottagecore is a term used for girly, characterized by daintiness, ruralness, and flowy dresses with puff sleeves.

Some other words used for a specific group of people are Goth, Punk, E-girl, VSCO girl, Softboi, Boomer, and so on.

If you are not part of Gen-Z, you probably wouldn’t have got the meaning of all the words provided above.  But there is nothing to worry about; BruchVirals is always here for your service. We acquaint you will the meaning of viral slang and acronyms from TikTok. Here’s all we know about the “Pick Me Girl” Meaning On TikTok.

What Is Pick Me Girl On TikTok?

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you might have come across the “Pick Me Girl” on the foryou page. Most of the users are rolling funny skits with the “Pick Me Girl” caption. Well, the viral catchphrase “Pick Me Girl” refers to a girl who is essentially popular and always desires to get attention, especially from the opposite gender.

To get the attention of the opposite sex, she deliberately acts in a way that is intended to make men notice them and give them attention. Meanwhile, they also pretend as if they themselves are totally unaware of their behavior. Such girls are termed as “Pick Me Girls” on the video-sharing app.

Such girls start behaving in a different manner whenever they witness someone essentially from the opposite gender, approaching them. Their overall behavior, including the way they talk, will change in a second just to seek attention from a guy.

This catchphrase isn’t just popular on TikTok; it is also trending on various social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

So, do you have a “Pick me girl” in your group or do you know any such girl? You must be thinking of a “Pick me girl” you know!

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Pick Me Girl Meaning

The “Pick me girl” is an attention seeker and she desires of being popular among boys. For the sake of getting attention, she starts acting differently. But such girls aren’t liked by their group, they are considered fake.

As the catchphrase is going viral on the app, people have started expressing their opinion towards such girls. Most of the social media users have claimed that they don’t like Pick Me Girls. One user wrote on Twitter, “Pick me girls are the worstttt, ewww”.

Another wrote, “Why is it if a female agrees with a male she’s automatically a “pick me” grow up”.

Now, to your surprise not just girls but some boys are also “Pick me”, they are termed as “Pick me boys”. Such boys desire female attention wherever they go.

Last Words

This was all about the “Pick me girls”, “Pick me boys” and their meaning on TikTok. Hopefully, you have got the meaning of this trendy catchphrase. Drop a comment below if you want us to explore some more slang terms for you.

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