“Me And My Own” Song TikTok — Explored

Another viral song that is currently taking over the foryou page of TikTok is “Me And My Own”. Thousands of video creators have used this song for their videos hence it has become massively popular on the video-sharing app.

Following the “When the sun goes down”, “From the back” and “I Want You to be My One and Only”, TikTok users are now obsessed with another soundtrack called “Me And My Own”. This soundtrack is most likely to become a viral trend as thousands of video creators have already used it for their videos.

Most of the users are unaware of the origin of the “Me And My Own” Song that is currently reigning the foryou page. If you are among these users here is all you need to know about this popular soundtrack from TikTok.

Origin Of TikTok Song “Me And My Own”

Image Of Origin Of TikTok Song “Me And My Own”

“Me And My Own” song was originally released on 15th April 2016. The song didn’t become much popular back then, but as soon as it was uploaded on the Chinese video-sharing app, it became a global hit.

However, the soundtrack that went viral on TikTok is not the original version. It was a remix created and posted by a user named @Kylie on TikTok. This new version is being used for over 288k videos on the TikTok app so far.

The user @Kylie, has also a considerable number of followers count on her official TikTok handle. She is mainly popular for her lip-sync videos. Kylie also creates videos in reply to certain videos and comments on her posts. You will also be able to witness her singing skills on her TikTok handle that goes as @Kylie.

Following the soundtrack, users are starting off with a 5-second timer and then screenshot few poses of themselves and embed those in the video. This soundtrack trend is getting more popular with each passing day.

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Me And My Own TikTok Song Lyrics

Image Of Me And My Own TikTok Song Lyrics

If you are eyeing hopping into this viral trend, here are the full lyrics of Me and my own TikTok Song for you.

Think I Want You Anymore
So I’ll So I won’t Leave
And I want you to be
My Own and Own
My One and O O Only
So I’ll

Think I Want You Anymore
So I’ll So I won’t Leave
And I want you to be
My Own and Own
My One and O O Only
So I’ll

Honey Lyrics by Kučka

[Verse 1]
Saw but didn’t recognize
You used to keep me at bay
Used to keep me awake at night
I messed it up and something changed

[Verse 2]
There’s a silence we hold between us
And I know it’s because of me
And you act cool with your indifference
But I think I know you better than that

[Verse 3]
I owe you apologies
And I miss synchronicity
So, if you can make peace with me
We can take it from there

‘Cause your, ’cause your body tastes like honey
‘Cause your, ’cause your body tastes like honey
‘Cause your

[Verse 4]
‘Cause the night, it brought you to me
And the dawnlight is way pretty
And we try to count the city stars
Just to realize how small we are

[Verse 5]
Do you know what you do to me
As we walk down the steps to leave?
Get your fingers to try to push my sleeve
And I lose my breath instantly

Concluding Words

This was all about the trendy “Me And My Own” song, its origin, and lyrics. Hopefully, this article has provided all the information you needed to know.

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