Pillow Face Filter — Here’s How To Get It

Looking for the viral Pillow Face Filter? Want to know how to access it on Instagram? If yes, then you have reached the most appropriate spot. Keep reading and get your hands on this viral filter instantly.

Instagram filters are an amazing way to enhance your followers count. They also beautify your posts by adding colors and pattern. Initially Instagram users had very few filter options to select from but now as the platform has allowed Augmented Reality filters creators to create and publish filters; users get hundreds of filters on daily basis.

Currently users are obsessed with the Pillow Face Filter which is specially created for the users who are interested in lip fillers. You can now skip the complicated, painful and expensive processes and look flawless with the new botox Face Filter from Instagram.

What Is Pillow Face Filter On Instagram

Image Of What Is Pillow Face Filter On Instagram

Pillow Face Filter is a new filter rolled on Instagram by a creative AR filter creator. The filter is also known as “botox filter,” and it has gone viral after some celebrities including Sophie Turner and Rita Ora have used it.

Once you apply the filter on your face, your lips will plump out as if you have lip fillers. So many users have applied the filter to check how they would look like after lip fillers. Seeing the effect, many users have cancelled their plan while others are happy with this look.

How To Get Pillow Face Filter

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Getting the filter is quite simple if you have a functional Instagram account. All you have to do is look for the creator’s profile and then follow them to have your hands on this trendy filter. @jhoyaugust is the creator of Pillow Face Filter.

To get the filter, initially open you Instagram account. Then click on your story icon at the top left corner of your screen. Then scroll through the available filters until you get the magnifying glass icon at the end. Once you get this icon tap on it and type Pillow Face. Hit enter and wait for the results. You will witness a filter “Pillow Face” by @jhonyaugust, click on it and then try it.

Once you check the filter, tap on the filter name at the bottom middle of screen and then tap on the “save effect” button. Now you can access the filter instantly from your filters gallery.

Botox Filter Instagram

If you are unable to find the filter using the above method then you can try another one. Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom of your screen and then type the filter creator’s name. Type jhonyaugust and hit enter. You will get the creator’s account with 10.9K followers. Tap on the follow button to stay updated with all his upcoming filters.

After following the creator, tap on the smiley face icon right next to the IG Tv icon. Here, you will witness all the filters created by him. Find the Pillow Face Filter and then tap on the option that says try it. You can now apply the filter on your face to get swollen lips.

Big Lip Filter On Instagram

After the filter has gone viral on Instagram, users have taken it to twitter. One user said, “Pillow face” filter on Instagram. Terrifying.” While other shared her experience with the filter saying ““So there’s this pillow face filter on IG. I posted a selfie that said allergic reaction and I’m a little shocked how many people thought I was for real!”

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral big lip filter from the photo sharing app. Share your experience in the below comment box, if you have already tried the filter.

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