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Have you seen most of your Instagram friends adding videos to their stories with a filter called Guess The Vine Filter? What to know how to access this filter and where did this filter come from? If yes, then you are going through the most accurate site. Keep scrolling and get your hands on this trendy Instagram filter.

You might have heard a lot about word “Vine” on internet but do you know what it actually refers to? Most of the young generation might not be aware of true reference of word “Vine”. For your information, it was an American application that enabled the users to share six or seven second-long, looping video clips.

Founded initially in 2012, the application was then acquired by Twitter in October 2012, when it was not even officially released. It got released officially in January 2013.

TikTok is just a new version of this outdated application. The Vine App was discontinued by twitter on October 27, 2016. Though the application is gone since so long, but Instagram has reminded its users of this American app by coming up with a filter named as Guess The Vine Filter.

This new filter is created by an AR filter developer and people on Instagram are loving it. Want to know about the filter’s creator? Well, keep scrolling to get the answer.

What Is Guess The Vine Filter

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Guess The Vine Filter is just another addition to the AR filters list of photo sharing application Instagram. When opened and applied on your face, a box will appear above your head that will flick through a lot of vines. It will display the first part and you have to finish it off. Sometimes it might also display some emoticons but you have to guess it anyway.

You will only get 5 minutes to answer after reading the initial text. So many users have already accessed the filter and they are not able to get over it. You can use this filter to spend your leisure time really well.

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How To Get Guess The Vine Filter On Instagram?

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Some Instagram users are going through their effect gallery to get the filter but are unable to spot it till now. If you are among those users, then we would suggest you not to waste more of your energy because the filter is currently not present between the Instagram filters.

To get the filter, open your Instagram account and head towards the search bar right next to the home tab. Then, type the creator’s name, Alexandra Ignasia Damara @ignasiadamara is the creator of vine filter. You can easily identify the creator’s profile because as she has mentioned in her bio that she is the creator of Vine filter. Once you find the profile, tap on the follow button so you can access many other classy filters created by her.

Once you have followed her, you can now access all filters created by her. Check the highlights she has created, you will get a collection of videos created by so many users.

Now tap on the smiley face, next to the IGTV tab, and scroll till you get a filter saying “Guess the vine”. Open the filter and tap on the try it button. Hold the camera in front of your face and hold the record button. You will get you see a question and then a 5 secs break so that you can think. You have to answer before the time runs out.

Concluding Words

This was all about the trending Get Guess The Vine Filter On Instagram. Hope this article has equipped you with enough information. Follow us to know more about trending filters from all social media platforms.

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