Dog Water Meme — What Does It Mean?

Gamers on TikTok are sprinkling Dog Water Meme phrase on every TikTok video. But what does it mean and where did it originate from? Let’s discover!

It has become a ritual for online video game players to spread curiosity among TikTok users by using game related memes. The recent meme phrases that taken over the internet were, “When The Imposter Is Sus” and “Lego Piece 26047” from Among Us. This time again, a new catch-phrase is being flaunting over various social media platforms especially on TikTok.

This current viral meme is named Dog Water Meme. Most of the users are curious about its meaning. If you are among those users, here is all you need to know about.

What Is Dog Water Meme

Image Of What Is Dog Water Meme

While going through the TikTok comments section, we witnessed people saying “Dog Water” over and over again. After probing on various websites we found that it is a slang term that dates back to 1960s. According to the online dictionaries, Dog water is referred to “semen and other fluids secreted at orgasm.” Well, that’s something smutty!

Upon further investigation, we found the definition of dog water from Urban Dictionary. It reads, “Dog water is a gaming way of saying ‘trash’ I guess. My brother keeps saying it to my face. He thinks we’re in a video game. He plays too much Fortnite. Yoooo that dude is dog water.” Well, this makes sense now.

So, for online game players dog water is someone who doesn’t know how to play. In other words, he/she is the one who gets knocked by the enemy before anyone else. Some game players have even taken it to Twitter. One Twitter user posted, “GEORGE IS DOG WATER DAY, NOW GIVE YOURSELF FUCKING TEN”

Origin Of Dog Water Meme

Image Of Origin Of Dog Water Meme

The dog water meme has originated from the gameplay of an online video game named Fortnite. Initially, it started as a meme but it has now turned into a slang term. This term was initially used by Peace Control Kyle a stereotypical Fortnite player. He posted a video on his TikTok profile (@m1lk_w) and on his YouTube channel (@M1lk) in the first week of December 2020.

Here are the exact lines he used during the video, ““You’re literally free, Boxed you, Dog water, 0 Pr, You have no earnings, No wager earnings, You’re free, Literally so free, Freer than a free sample at Costco, Your dog water, literally so dog.” These lines might not be easy to understand if you aren’t an avid player of Fortnite.

Though the videos posted by Kyle were taken down from both the platforms but not before millions of users got to see the video. This is how it began initially.

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Spread Of Dog Water Meme

After the videos posted by Kyle went viral on TikTok and YouTube, game players started to use this meme phrase in their regular conversation. Majority of the players are using the Dog water meme to refer to someone they knock in the game.

So finally it makes sense now. If you hear someone saying dog water, then it means “being trash” or “being really bad” at something. It can be used inside game-play or outside it. If you are reason your squad loses the match, you are the dog water of your squad.

The dog water meme has now reached almost all social media platforms. People are coming up with various alteration of the meme phrase. Some are even using it in their day-to-day conversations. Here is a Tweet made by the user @Len:

“A trade offer

I receive: a follow

You receive: my Dog water content”

Concluding Words

This was all about the mystifying meme phrase that originated from Fortnite. Hopefully, you have got the meaning of this viral meme from TikTok.

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