Princess Glitterhead TikTok – The Viral TikTok Account

Have you seen some dramatic transformations on a TikTok account named “Princess Glitterhead” recently? Do you want to know why this TikTok account is rising in popularity? If yes, here is all about the viral makeup artist from TikTok.

A TikTok account under username “Princess Glitterhead” is making rounds on the foryou page recently. This account is managed by a toothless princess, and her transformation videos have left the audience in awe. After coming across the make-up transformation videos by this viral lady, the majority of followers have trolled her. However, the celebrity is clapping back at the trolls.

If you haven’t visited her account yet, here is all you must know.

Who Is Princess Glitterhead On TikTok

Princess Glitterhead from TikTok is a viral 36-year-old woman, who is also said to be the mother of 4 children. She is also famous as Toothless Princess because she has lost all her teeth. The toothless princess rose to fame in April this year after sharing a snap in dentures and extreme makeovers.

This current viral sensation has just achieved a milestone by getting 1 Million followers on her TikTok account recently. Moreover, her follower count is increasing day by day.

As she amassed 1 Million followers on 11th June, she addressed her critics saying, “I’m a happily married mom of 15 years with four kids and I wear makeup for ME”. Still, Alicia’s (Princess Glitterhead’s) critics aren’t stepping back, they have claimed that what she’s currently doing is wrong and she must stop doing it.

Why Is She Popular On TikTok

Alicia, the famous TikToker is rising to fame for rolling her dentures on TikTok. Most of the users are appreciating her efforts in reducing stigmas. Although, her followers’ count is inclining so is the number of her haters. This situation perfectly justifies the saying, “Not every follower is your fan”.

Alicia’s critics have passed the following negative comments, while addressing her makeovers one user posted, “Absolute witchcraft,” while another wrote, “To me, it’s false advertisement!”

Another user said, “This should be illegal,” while others weighed in that they now have “trust issues,” thanks to Alicia’s mind-blowing clips.

Despite being thrashed with negative comments, Alicia’s morale is still high. She replied to her critics saying, “It’s not over until pigs fly”. She further added, “It’s hard but so worth it — you just have to never give up until you’re happy & it’s something to be proud of. No shame.”

Along with negative comments, there also are people who are appreciating her efforts in spreading positivity. While relating to Alicia’s dentures one of her fans posted, “Alicia still receives as many positive comments. “You just made me cry. I am about to get dentures at 30 years old…I thought for sure that I was done for…”

Princess Glitterhead Video

Alicia’s first video that went viral, featured her astonishing “catfish” transformation video. It further showed her glow-ups and dentures. The very first viral video amassed 2.9 million views, and from this point, Alicia’s TikTok account kept garnering thousands of followers.

Although, most of her video amass millions of views, but the most viral video shared recently has garnered 22.6 million views so far.

This viral lady is also a makeup artist hence she is also seen highlighting certain makeup products. Talking about her makeup skills, she wrote in one of her comments, “I’m also a makeup artist with the same right as everyone else to wear it”.

The toothless princess has also talked about her tooth-loss journey. She shares how she avoided visiting the dentist while embracing a less-than-healthy lifestyle in her pregnancy days.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Princess Glitterhead from TikTok, who has now earned popularity on various social platforms. Hopefully, you have got enough information about this Toothless beauty.

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