Influcracy Review — All Details Provided [Update June 2021]

If you are looking to improve your content creation skills with Influcracy, here is an unbiased review of this online platform. Get acquainted with all information about this platform before giving it a try.

A digital server, that claims to empower content creators, is making rounds on the internet these days. This website is mainly popular in Canada and United Kingdom but it is also searched by influencers from all around the world. Considering this unusual popularity, we have come up with this detailed review for the Influcracy website.

Before getting into more details, let’s discover what this website specializes for. Stay Tuned!

What Is Influcracy

Image Of What Is Influcracy is a new website that claims to assist influencers and content creators to strengthen their skills and be successful at influencer marketing. The website also articulates that they help the dreamers to transform their vision into reality. Furthermore, this digital platform also facilitates brand campaigns to help influencers get considerable traffic on their digital platforms.

In some recent days, the website has shown incredible growth. It is becoming popular day by day and thousands of influencers are curious to know about its legitimacy. Some people have even reached us to find its accuracy.  

If you are thinking of investing your time and resources on this website, read this write-up till the end. The following paragraphs will provide all details about its accuracy and functionality.

Is Influcracy A Scam?

Image Of Is Influcracy A Scam

We will explain the accuracy of this platform in following aspects,

  • Its domain age
  • Social media presence
  • Trust score
  • Customer reviews

Let’s dig in deep to learn whether this is a legitimate website or not.

1. Domain age

The website is registered on 12th Novemeber 2020. Hence, it has a domain age of 7 months only. In such scenario, we normally do not suggest our readers to rely on the website because newbies shouldn’t be trusted easily.

2. Social Media Presence

The website Influcracy is present on Facebook and Instagram but the number of followers is quite less. In a time span of 7 months, the Instagram page has been able to get more than seven hundred followers while the Facebook page has less than 100 followers. This also is a suspicious point because legitimate websites get considerable followings on their social media platforms.

Besides number of follower, the social media pages of Influcracy also lack customer reviews. We weren’t able to spot even single customer rating on any of its social media pages. This is again a suspicious thing.

3. Trust Score

To find out the accuracy of the website, we normally run online tests to find out the trust score of any particular website. We did the same for this website also and found a trust rank of 35.5/100 and around 15th as trust index. Yet again, this isn’t enough trust score to rely on a website.

Influcracy Fake

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are considered as the best source for new users to know the legitimacy of any particular site. So, we also tried to look for customer reviews and testimonials to check how old customers have found this website as. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spot any single review on its website as well as on its social media pages.

Besides the website, we also searched randomly on the internet to find any customer review about Influcracy, but we weren’t able to spot any. Hence it is quite difficult for us to declare this website as a legitimate one.

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Final Verdict

After considering all the findings related to this online website, we have come to the conclusion that one must not trust this website currently. You must wait a bit to check its performance until it gets at least a year old or more.

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