Why Are Instagram Stories Blurry And Upside Down? Revealed

Another day and another Instagram glitch! Instagram users are now revealing that their stories are appearing blurry and upside down, the majority of them are inquiring why thus we have crafted this blog. This blog aims at providing you with all the details related to the current Instagram story glitch. Stay tuned and get to know all the details.

Within the previous two months, the Metaverse-owned photo and video-sharing sharing app is showing multiple glitches. Some users are annoyed by the Instagram camera that has gone missing while others are reporting that their Instagram stories are appearing upside down and blurry.

Just recently, Instagram users had poured Twitter with complaints saying the stories are repeating and now the stories are just appearing to be blurred and upside down.

This issue was first reported by users on 29th June and so far Instagram has not revealed the reason why.

Here we have broken down everything about why Instagram stories are blurry and upside down.

Instagram Stories Blurry And Upside Down

Image Of Instagram Stories Blurry And Upside Down

While trying to upload a story on Instagram, users are facing quite longer processing requests and as the request gets completed, the stories are appearing to be blurred.

Some users have even reported that the app is just getting shut down without uploading the story. Instagrammers are quite annoyed about these recurring errors and they are requesting Instagram to look into the matter. However, the prior photo-sharing app has not addressed the issue yet.

Annoyed users have taken to Twitter to report the issues. Here is what users have written on the Bird app.

One user said, “Anybody else has problems posting to @instagram stories? I get a blurry screen like this for everything right now. Trying to post some old art to that trash app and this is what I get.”

Another wrote, “Anyone else having issues posting still photos to Instagram stories? Loads all blurry and never pops in”.

“#instagramdown Anybody else tried to post a story and it’s blurry?

@instagram do your jobs honestly speaking!” reported another user.

It is clear from the tweets that Instagram users are now fed up with these recurring errors.

How To Fix Instagram Stories Blurry And Upside Down Issue?

Image Of How To Fix Instagram Stories Blurry And Upside Down Issue

Besides appearing to be blurred, some users have reported that their stories are appearing upside down.

Reporting the error mentioning Instagram on Twitter one user wrote, “@instagram is Instagram stories down?? No matter what I do, when I pick a picture to post, it’s blurry. I tried posting anyway and it was upside down. I’ve restarted my phone and everything”

Another added, “Is anyone else getting a weird bug with Instagram where your stories show up as blurry while making it, then post with the image flipped upsidedown??”

Asking for assistance from Instagram a third user wrote:

“Hello, @instagram I haven’t been able to post to my stories today. When I select a picture, the preview is blurry and if I post it anyway, it’s upside down. Not sure what’s wrong. Can’t find help.”

At the time of writing, Instagram has not addressed any of the queries of users. If you think your internet has to do with this issue, you are wrong. Such glitches and outages are quite common on Instagram and users worldwide have to face such issues every day.

So far there is not any permanent solution to this issue. However, we are expecting Instagram to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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The Last Words

This was all about why Instagram stories are appearing blurry and upside down. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the information you needed to know.

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