Pug Getting Nails Cut — All About The Dramatic Dog

If you are a dog mom/dad then you can relate with the viral Pug Getting Nails Cut video. It’s fun to have a fury friend but at the same time it is the most complicated task, especially when it is bath time or pedicure time.

In some recent days a video went viral on internet that featured a pug screaming while having its nails done. The video was uploaded by user known on TikTok as @Kalikohlhof. The video has got 5.1 Million hearts in just 6 days and the count is still on. For your surprise this video is being shared for more than 1.2 Million times and TikTok community has poured 140.6K comments as of now.

The video contains on screen text asking “have you seen a dog this dramatic”? I bet you haven’t seen a dramatic dog like this Puggy so far. Let’s know more about this theatrical dog. Keep reading!

Pug Getting Nails Cut TikTok

Image Of Pug Getting Nails Cut TikTok

A video of an overly theatrical dog has gone viral on TikTok. The video was uploaded by a TikTok user Kalikohlhof, who has a family of 114.1K followers as of now. Her content mainly consists of dog videos but the Pug Getting Nails Cut TikTok video has racked millions views for her. In the video, pug behaves overdramatically and you will surely cry laughing.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, then you got to see this little dramatic creature now. You will surely laugh your heart out and I bet you won’t watch it just once. After watching the video, you will decide whether you have seen any dramatic dog before or not.

What Is Pug Getting Nails Cut Video All About


The video shared by Kristy Ripani featured her pug having a nail cut. People having dogs can only know the struggle behind cutting the finger nails of their pets. Most of the dogs don’t enjoy having their nails cut so the dog owner’s mostly prefer to visit professionals.

Instead of visiting a professional, Kristy Ripani tried to trim her pug’s nail at home plus she was excited to record puppy’s response so she took the wisest decision of making a video. Little did she show that her video is going to be viral on internet!

In the stat of video, Kristy can be heard saying “its okay pug, we have just one and half more to go, I know it’s hard” she then tries to chop the nails, but pug shouts like a grumpy child. Though the nail cutting process was not painful at all still pug was shouting as if he’s dying an agonizing death!

Dramatic Pug Getting Nails Clipped

The video is so much fun to watch that users have even taken it to twitter. Here is what Twitter users have said about the drama pug, “When she took the tool away you can just see, in his face, “y u do dis” another added “I had two Pugs. Both were little drama queens, too”

Some users have added sarcastic captions with the Dramatic Pug Getting Nails Clip. Here are some more twitter reactions, “I didn’t know their screams sounded so human” another user added “Fact-check: True. It took 6 months and 10 pounds of liver to get our pug to let me file her nails.”

@AGHamilton29 tweeted, “My favorite part is the way he looks at her at the end as if he’s checking if it’s working.” The pug video is literally worth watching, if you haven’t seen it yet, then you should surely check, @Kalikohlhof on TikTok.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the dramatic Pug Getting Nails Cut video. Hope the information provided in this article is enough to understand the viral video.

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