R810 Meaning On TikTok — Here’s All You Need To Know

MSD fans on TikTok are using the Phrase “R810” over and over again and the rest of the users are wondering to know its meaning. If you are among these users looking for the meaning of R810, you are not alone. Thousands of other TikTok users are also baffled by this viral phrase. Let’s discover what it actually means.

The Foryou page of TikTok gets flooded with numerous slang terms every day. From weird acronyms to phrases bearing dark humor behind, TikTok users come across hundreds of new phrases each day. Coping with all these trendy slang terms is quite a mess, as you finally understand one term, the other hops from behind. Therefore, TikTok users often get baffled by new acronyms, and out of curiosity, they start asking about the terms on several platforms making them popular across the internet.

Currently, MSD fans have rolled a new term “R810” on TikTok and users are snooping across the internet to find its meaning.

What Does R810 Mean On TikTok?

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The term “R810” has originated from the videos of MSD. This TikTok content creator usually keeps interacting with his followers hence they have derived this term “R810” from his videos. This trendy shorthand has become so popular that TikTok users have even come up with stickers for it.

So, the shorthand R810 means “alright then”. MSD usually mumbles the word “alright then” at the end of videos, and if you are watching the video with transcript on, you will witness that it translates “alright then” as R810. The MSD fans found it funny so they have started using it in their day-to-day conversation.

Michael’s fans have really picked up on the way he pronounces “all right then” and it actually sounds like “R810”. Most of the fans were confused about the meaning of this trendy short form but Micheal took it to the comment section and explained that the term “R810” actually means “all right then”.

If you haven’t watched the videos of MSD, you must watch it once to experience how he says R810 at the end of each video.

Michael Duty mainly known on social media sites as MSD is a popular content creator having a notable followers count. He is being followed by over 508.2K people on TikTok. He is often known for interacting a lot with his fans and entertaining them all day. His TikTok bio goes as “I like mail 195 Cooper Creek suite 101 box 708 Mocksville NC 27028 Merch”. Below the TikTok bio, you will find discounts codes to avail of certain products.

Besides TikTok, he is also quite popular on YouTube Instagram, and many other social media platforms.

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R810 TikTok Meaning

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The term R810 has become so popular that MSD has even released this Merch. By following the “Merch Store” provided in the bio of MSD, you will get to see R810 long sleeve tees. You will also get hoodies, and short sleeve tee’s adorned with different designs.

Some of these apparels feature the classic catchphrases of MSD including “Hey Buddy, Yeah”, “Aight den” and ” Come getcha boy.” Important to mention, the “R810” phrase is also mentioned on some of the tees.

You can also get some cool coffee mugs, water bottles, and a cap having the catchphrase “R810” written on them.

So, the catchword “R810” has become a whole new business idea for MSD. To follow the trend, TikTok users are rushing to get their “R810” shirts, mugs, and caps.

Concluding Words

This was all about the popular shorthand R810 and its meaning on the video-sharing app TikTok. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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