GMS Meaning On Snapchat — Here’s All You Need to Know

Social media platforms are filled with slang terms and acronyms. This time the Snapchat users are curious to know the meaning of “GMS” that is currently flaunting on the snap-sharing app. If you are among the users snooping to know the meaning of “GMS” you have reached the most appropriate site. Keep reading and learn all information about this trendy acronym.

Quite similar to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, Snapchat users also come across a variety of slang terms with each scroll. For the users who don’t actually use the app regularly, it becomes difficult to understand the lingo appearing in front of them. However, the avid users understand the meaning of slang terms really quickly because they are the ones who create these shorthands for their own convenience.

Here is all you must know about the meaning of GMS on Snapchat.

What Is The Meaning Of GMS On Snapchat?

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This popular slang term is related to the most used feature of TikTok. Yes, you are getting it right, GMS is all about the Streak Game that most users love to do on Snapchat. After all the social media platforms have come up with disappearing stories and messages options, the Streak game has remained Snapchat’s only specialty.

Hence, users are creating acronyms regarding the streaks to keep the conversation short. So, if your friend is asking to send you a GMS, it means they want you to send a “Good Morning Streak”.

GMS isn’t the only acronym that Snapchat users use while streaking, there also are other abbreviations used to refer to the streaks. GNS is another related shorthand that is used to say “Good Night Streak”.

You can add the GMS GNS on the streaks you send in the morning or not right. Or if your friend asks for a GMS they may be asking you to send them a morning streak so the streak game continues.

Most of the Snapchat users share random snaps at any time in the day just to ensure their streak doesn’t break.

Although these acronyms are quite easy to understand, some users have expressed their curiosity on various other social media platforms.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Y I read gms as gemes on Snapchat”. While another said, “my streak on Snapchat is the same as cf on IG dude except for gms and gns”.

GMS Meaning Urban Dictionary

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To save you a Google search, here we have provided the definition of GMS according to the Urban Dictionary.

“An abbreviation for “good morning streaks”

In the morning when Snapchat users are sending their streaks their caption might be “gms” which shortens from good morning streaks”.

The second definition provided by the Urban Dictionary is a complete disaster. So, if someone is asking you for GMS it may also mean a “Group masturbation session. Here is a detailed explanation of this idea according to the Urban Dictionary.

Acronym for “group masturbation session”

Bob: What are you up to tonight?

Pete: Having a GMS

Bob: Sounds like fun! Can I come too?

Pete: Haha great pun. Yeah, come the more the merrier!

The third and final definition of GMS according to the Urban Dictionary is,

Acronym for Grand Master Siddiqi.

this title was first given to the brown Pakistani kid who goes to west orange high school by an afghani kid who is less brown. this can be given to any person from Pakistan who is surrounded by a mystical aura of Islamic awesomeness or to anyone who doesn’t deserve to be annoyed deeply for no apparent reason.

Oooo!!! The GMS graces us with his presence!!! (spoken in deep Arab accent)

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Concluding Remarks

The meaning of GMS may differ according to the context it is used in. So, be careful and don’t take the abbreviation easily because it may mean something totally different than what you think.

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