Shein Cares Meaning On TikTok: The Vegan Campaign

The users on TikTok are looking for the meaning of Shein Cares as the phrase is making rounds on the video-sharing app. Many users are also sharing the hashtag #Sheincares creating curiosity among the rest of the users. So what does Shein Cares Mean on TikTok? Let’s explore together!

If you are an avid scroller of TikTok, you might have witnessed several vegan campaigns. Certain people on various social platforms have dedicated their time and resources to the safety of animals and hence are known as animal rights activists or vegans. The sole aim of these vegans is to make the world a better place for animals and promote cruelty-free products.

Kylie Jenner is also working for the same cause and she has relaunched her billion-dollar beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics last month that is said to be all “clean, cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free”. Her beauty products now exclude potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, formaldehyde, lead, methoxy ethanol, and many more.

Similar to Kylie Jenner’s products, another fashion brand “Shein” is playing its part to help the environment heal. This fashion brand is now using TikTok to spread their message across the globe and somehow they are accomplishing their goals.

What does Shein Cares Mean on TikTok

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If you are an active user of the Chinese video-sharing app, you might have come across a pop-up advert saying Shein Cares. Hundreds of people are also using the hashtag #SheinCares on the video where they have used a new range of animal filters.

If you are still not getting what Shein Cares is, it is a vegan campaign recently launched by a Chinese fashion e-commerce site titled “Shein”. Via this vegan campaign, the e-commerce platform is trying to play its role in the welfare of animals.

The company is also giving away $300,000 to legit animal welfare organizations with the purpose to keep the animals protected. Shein has stated their ultimate purpose on their official site as well, the statement reads, “Your Passion + Your Action = Beautiful world for our animals,”

However, the extensive advertisement on the video-sharing app has made the users baffled. The majority of users are still struggling to get the meaning of this viral campaign. Some users are even considering the word “Shein” as a new slag word on the platform.

Shein Care Campaign on TikTok

Image Of Shein Care Campaign on TikTok

For the users who are in favor of vegan campaigns, you can easily be part of this viral movement. To be part of the popular Shein Cares campaign, you can simply use the hashtag #SheinCares. Doing so will help educate people about animal rights on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The company has also rolled various animal stickers that you can avail and use to educate your friends. You can also play a fun game on the Shein app and promote it to spread the love for animals on all social apps.

A user named @theVeganteacher also became quite popular on TikTok for raising her voice for animals. She also had a controversy with the famous chef Gordon Ramsay in favor of animals. This vegan teacher has a considerable number of followers on the video-sharing app. She is often witnessed singing songs in favor of animals. But recent reports claim that her TikTok handle was removed for hate speech. It is unclear whether her TikTok account is revived or not.

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Last words

This was all about the meaning of the popular phrase “Shein Cares” on TikTok. Hopefully, this article has provided all the information you needed to know. Follow us to know more about viral trends and challenges from the video-sharing app.

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