Jason Arena TikTok — All About The Viral Content Creator

A user named Jason Arena from TikTok has shared a very important message about the surge of highly contagious Delta Variant in the United States. The video is going viral as the man talks about the lack of space in hospitals. Here is more about the viral video rolled by Jason Arena from TikTok.

People all around the globe may have started living their lives normally, but Covid hasn’t disappeared yet. The virus is getting stronger than before and it is out with its full power now. A strong wave of the contagious Delta Variant of Covid-19 is experienced in the United States recently. According to recent reports, the USA reported an uprising count of 138,000 new cases. This depicts that the country is going to experience another strong wave of pandemic.

One TikTok user Jason Arena has taken to TikTok to rant about the lack of space in hospitals. The video has gone viral as the guy talks about his wife’s illness and not being able to treat her in any hospital because of lack of space due to Covid.

Who Is Jason Arena On TikTok

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Jason Arena is a TikTok user whose recent video is flaunting across the Foryou page of TikTok. His TikTok handle goes as @speakthetruth101. He has 33,000 followers on his TikTok handle and the number of followers is rising constantly.

Jason often talks about current issues specifically about Covid-19 in his TikTok videos. This week, he has gone viral after posting a video about the Covid vaccine and space in hospitals. Here’s what he stated in the video, “99% of everyone in the hospital with Covid right now are unvaccinated. If you really believe that Covid’s not real, and you really believe that you don’t need to get the vaccine that is your right. I’m not gonna argue with you about that”.

He further continued, “But what I am gonna argue with you about is you running to the hospital once you get the virus. If you don’t trust the medical field to prevent you from getting it, why do you trust them to cure you of it?”

“If you really believe that Covid is not a big deal and you don’t get the vaccine, stick to your guns and keep your a** at home. Stop running to the hospital and putting everybody else at risk.”

“People like my wife who actually need medical help for a chronic disease get kicked out of the hospital because your dumb a** too stupid to go and get a vaccine shot,” he continued.

He concluded the video by saying: “If you really believe Covid is not a big deal, prove it. Stick to your guns, keep your a** at home and f***ing deal with it.”

What Happened To Jason Arena’s Wife?

Image Of What Happened To Jason Arena’s Wife.

Jason Arena’s wife is a breast cancer patient. As reported by Jason in one of his videos, his wife, has stage four breast cancer. Last week, he had to take his wife to the hospital to drain some fluid because she was experiencing pain.

However, after staying two days in the hospital, his wife was discharged as they had no room to stay at the hospital due to the increased number of Covid patients.

The TikTok users have expressed their anger in his recent video where he discusses how people are choosing not to get the Covid vaccine but are then running to the hospital when they get sick. This video has become massively popular on the video-sharing app.

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Bottom Line

This was all about how Jason Arena became popular on the Chinese video-sharing app. Hopefully, you have got all the available information about this viral TikTok content creator.

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