Silly Goose TikTok — Here’s All About The Hilarious Video

Seen dozens of friends following the hash tag Silly Goose TikTok? Wondering to know what exactly it is and how it evolved? Yes? well, you have opened the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know about this viral funny video from TikTok.

Among all the social media platforms, TikTok is leading the race when it comes to entertainment. If you are having a bad day then we would suggest you to head towards this Chinese video sharing application.

You will forget whatever is stressing you, after seeing plenty of hilarious videos. With their creative heads, TikTok users come up with variety of content and it becomes impossible for people to stop watching whatever comes on their Foryou page.

Currently, TikTok users are obsessed with a new sound track that is having them die with laughter. Want to know how this funny sound track evolved? Well, keep Scrolling!

What Is The ‘Silly Goose’ TikTok Song?

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The Silly Goose TikTok is a viral funny sound track that is created by a famous comic video creator @mrhamilton. The sound track is being used by thousands of users to spread giggles all around the video sharing app. Users are laughing their hearts out with this funny background sound.

As stated earlier, the comic actor @mrhamilton is the creator of this sound clip. The sound track says, “Well you can go ahead and get in the pond if you’re going to act like a silly goose”. The phrase is quite popular among the TikTok users but very few of them know the actual meanings. Here is what it actually means.

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You Silly Goose TikTok

Telling someone “Silly Goose” means that you are referring them as crazy or foolish. In the TikTok videos, video creators are telling someone to get back in the pond for being a silly goose. You can also say that they are putting them back in their place for acting stupid.

Since the sound track has gone viral, users are creating their own version of Silly Goose TikTok. It looks even more hilarious when creators are trying to fit these comic lines in their own situation. A creator named as @Libbynoland on TikTok, has created her own version of “Silly Goofy”.

In the video she presents a conversation with her boyfriend first. She says, “OMG I am so Fat, her Boyfriend replies, so work out! Then she adds lips syncs to the famous sound track “Well you can go ahead and get in the pond if you’re going to act like a silly goose”.

The video is quite fun to watch and as of now it has garnered millions of views and 222.5K hearts from her TikTok fam. Many other users have also rolled their own version of “Silly Goose” and TikTok community is scrolling through the videos with a wide smile. Altogether, this viral sound track has amassed love from all TikTok users.

Who Is @Mrhamilton?

Image Of Who Is @Mrhamilton

With more than 5 milliuon followers @mrhamilton is a famous TikTok creator. Before being famous he was kids’ favourite funny teacher at Plant City High School. According to his TikTok account, his original name is Casey Hamilton. So far he has got 179.6 Million hearts on all of his videos.

 He is quite popular among the TikTok fam due to his hilarious content. Though he is 25 by age, but TikTok users can still witness the inner child in him through his videos. The content he shares, get so many praises from the community and it gives a good laugh to everyone who watches it.

Last Words

This was all about the funny Silly Goose TikTok sound track. Hope the article has provided enough information about this trendy sound track.

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