What Does Caught In 4k Mean — Cardi B Being Trolled

Have you seen plenty of threads on Twitter saying “What Does Caught In 4k Mean”? Want to know what it is all about and why are people talking a lot about It? If yes, then luckily, you have reached the most relevant site. Stick with the article and know the back story of “What Does Caught In 4k Mean”.

After a tweet posted by the famous American rapper, songwriter, and actress Cardi B, people are trolling her for being a dumb. The controversy started when, the rapper posted a tweet asking her fans about the meaning of 4K. As soon as the tweet was posted, it became viral over the internet and as of now this tweet has collected 77K hearts and 5.5K comments from the Twitter community.

Some people are trolling her over this insane question while many of her fans have come forward to defend her. Here is how it all started and how far will it go. Keep reading!

What Does 4k Mean On TikTok

Image Of What Does 4k Mean On TikTok

After a viral tweet made by a famous American artist Cardi B, the sentence “What Does 4k Mean” has taken internet with storm. On 18th of this month, the celebrity posted a question from her twitter handle asking What Does 4k Mean? Before the question she also added disclaimer requesting her followers not to make fun of her.

Here is what the tweet says, “Please don’t make fun of me guys or I will have a very depressing lonely night but what does 4K means?” As soon as she posted this question, the tweet went viral on the internet. Some users came forward with honest comments while other have slammed her for this silly question.

After being trolled over internet, Cardi’s fans have appreciated her for her innocence. They also have acknowledged her courage to not be embarrassed about not knowing something.

One of her fan re-tweeted saying “”ANYONE who makes fun of you, doesn’t understand the difference between stupidity and ignorance. Ignorance, is not knowing, and trying to learn. Stupidity is not knowing, and choosing NOT to learn. I’d much rather be ignorant.”

Another user encouraged her saying, “It’s the resolution of the image. That’s how good the quality is. 380 is bad, 4k is really good. It’s just about the pixels. Only smart people know how to ask questions and learn. No one should laugh at you for being smart.”

What Does Caught Him In 4k Mean

Image Of What Does Caught Him In 4k Mean

In response of her tweet, twitter users have given mixed reactions. Some are trying to resolve her query with honest answers while many others have thrown hilarious comments. One user said, “It is like a security camera that catches ur man cheating on you but the footage quality is so good that you can see even the dimples on his face, so u can get him done.”

Another added, “Caught in 4K means caught red handed.” Here’s another funny response to the tweet, user said, “Video quality or 4 thousand dollars that you were gonna loan me. Whichever you prefer.”

Some users are also being trolled for replying her with wrong explanations; here is what one user said, “4K is the abbreviation corresponding to the 4096×2160 resolution.

It’s always based on the number of horizontal pixels hence 4K (4,000 pixels rounded down). You might see 3840×2160 referred to as 4K or UHD. One has the 1.9:1 aspect ratio and the other one is 16:9.” This user is also trolled for coming up with the wrong answer.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the viral “What Does 4k Mean” tweet. Hope this article has enlightened you with all the available information.

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