Sky Daddy Meme — Goes Viral On TikTok And Twitter

Social media platforms are the places that give birth to slang terms and some amazing Memes too. Sky Daddy Meme is just another term that has got fame from the video sharing social media platform TikTok. TikTok is full of hilarious content, with every scroll you will get to see plenty of videos containing entertaining content. This time TikTok users are obsessed with the Sky Daddy meme and it is quite funny.

If you want to know the backstory of Sky Daddy Meme, keep reading this article and you will know get to know all the related facts regarding this viral slang.

The word Sky Daddy was firstly used by a video user known on TikTok as @LOVEURMOTHER. This word is used by most of people as a replacement to word GOD. As the video was uploaded it went viral and people on TikTok are now obsessed with it. Keep reading to know more details about Sky daddy TikTok video.

What Is Sky Daddy Meme

Image Of What Is Sky Daddy Meme.

Sky daddy meme became viral right after a user on TikTok uploaded a video outside an abortion clinic. The video films an argument between pro-lifer and a pro-choice volunteer who perform duties of guiding people coming to the clinic.

In the video both the volunteers can be seen arguing using following words, “But that’s loving her, by calling her a coward? Really,” these words were said by the pro-choice worker when the pro-life activist (Jennifer) claims that she was not calling the pro-choice worker a coward.

She further added that she was calling someone else a coward. The argument continued when the volunteer hits back saying “you can shut the f*** up”. She further continued with the proceeding words,

“Because they’re making the best decision that they can in their situation and you’re trying to make them feel bad about it. So go off, Jennifer. Is that the validation you want from sky daddy? Calling people a coward?”

The video then ends with a giggle from the person who was filming it. The word “Sky Daddy” used by the volunteer amused the TikTok users so much that it paved path to a new trend on TikTok and Twitter.

This video was posted on Twitter on 29th November 2020, since then it has garnered over 1.3 million views, 29,000 retweets, and 106,000 likes.

Reactions To Sky Daddy Video On TikTok

Image Of Reactions To Sky Daddy Video On TikTok

After being uploaded the hashtag #Skydaddy is trending on various social media platforms. We have complied some funny reactions by TikTok users towards this video. Here are some hilarious comments made by the people who viewed this video.

One user commented that the trending word has become part of the vocabulary. Another user added that “hymns are changing to praise sky daddy”. Some users demanded to have this word added to the dictionary. Some people are shocked as they are late to this trend.

Another user said that “praying to sky daddy because you’re on nickname terms”. Some have given funny responses saying that they wish to take credit for this one. Gamers have also joined the party saying that they see the darth vader as the real sky god. One user has said that “Not just a normal dad, he’s a sky daddy”.

Though the word is not new on social media. It is being used since 2004 but this time as the word has gone viral, meme community is using it to the fullest and people on Twitter and TikTok are dying with laughter.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the new lingo that has filled social media with giggles. Hope you have got all related information. Drop a comment in the below comment box and let us know if the article has cleared all your queries related to the trend or not.

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