Joe Biden Hmong New Year — All Details Provided

People on Twitter have come across Joe Biden Hmong New Year Tweet and are curious to know about the history of Biden and this Holiday. If you are here to know the history of newly elected US president and this holiday then you have opened the most relevant article. Keep reading and get to know all the facts related to this holiday and its relevance with the current US president.

Yesterday on 1st December, US president has sent well wishes to all those who celebrate this festival across the world. The post was followed by a phrase saying Happy New Year” translated from the Hmong language. If you have not seen the post yet then following are the Biden’s words in his Twitter post,

“Jill and I send our best wishes to everyone celebrating the Hmong New Year. Things look a little different this year, but we hope your festivities are safe and joyous as you mark the possibilities of new beginnings. Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab!

This Twitter message has made most of Biden’s followers curious as most of them have no idea about this festival. To all of those wondering to know about this festival, here you go!

Hmong New Year

Image Of Hmong New Year

The Hmong Year falls in the last days of November and lasts till the first week of December. It is when Hmong people celebrate the end of harvest year and honor their ancestors. This festival consists of a series by events.

Hmong people belong to an indigenous group that once lived in southwestern China. After facing some disputes related to culture and religion with the Chinese people, they moved to countries like Laos and Thailand in mid 1600s.

In early 1970s 90 percent of Hmong people got Into United States as refugees after helping American army during the Vietnam War. Most of them have now left Laos and are currently settled in United States.

 According to the census of 2010, California is host to more than 91,000 Hmong’s. It is the largest number of Hmong’s settled in any of US state. Minnesota comes in at second being host of Hmong’s, while Wisconsin comes third.

Joe Biden Hmong New Year Tweet 

Image Of Joe Biden Hmong New Year Tweet

Most of the people are wondering to know the relevance of President Joe Biden with this indigenous tribe. To all of you here is the answer.

In his 2020s electoral campaign, President Joe Biden included “historic outreach efforts to Hmong Americans”. He was also seen meeting with the retired Hmong Veteran Captain Cher Kai Xiong. Xiong served with American troops in the Secret War. In his meeting Biden told the captain that they will never forget Hmong’s sacrifices for United States. This was the first time any presidential candidate met the representatives of Hmong tribe.

According to some other data resources, Hmong Americans were heavily in favor of Democrats in the 2020 elections. Earlier this year, the First lady Jill Biden was seen in Hmong village. She was spotted wearing a mask decorated in the style of paj ntaub, which are the floral embroidery traditional patterns in Hmong culture.

She also visited Hmong shopping center. Seems like Biden has added American affinity group in Minnesota that will further focus on Asian American engagement.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about Joe Biden Hmong New Year Tweet, the history of Hmong people and their relevance to current United States President. We just hope that the article has given you complete understanding of Joe Biden Hmong New Year Tweet and all the related details. Let us know with your comments if the article was worth your read or not. Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab People!

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