Song From The Food Dance Video Trend On TikTok — Explored

As soon as the Food Dance Video Trend has become viral on the video-sharing app, users are snooping across the internet to find where the popular song in its background came from. If you are among these users looking to have an idea about the song used in the background of The Food Dance Video Trend, you have reached the most relevant site. Keep reading and know everything about this viral trend.

TikTok music challenges and trends are an amazing way to cherish every passing moment. If you are feeling bored or down, open your TikTok account and groove with any of the popular beats you encounter, you will surely feel better.

There is a massive collection of soundtracks on TikTok that will make you move your body even if you are not in a mood to do so. A similar soundtrack is getting popular on the video-sharing platform right now but users are unable to find where on earth this soundtrack comes from. If you are trying to hop into the popular food dance trend, here is everything you need to know about its signature soundtrack.

What Is The Song From TikTok’s Viral Food Dance Trend?

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The popular food dance trend, mainly known as ‘Hot Sauce dance’ involves users dancing on a beat while eating yummy food.  The trend has become immensely popular but the beat that plays in the background is known to very few.

Well, the song that most TikTok users are currently looking for is a Russian song, “Я буду ебать” which roughly translates to ‘I will f**k. Oh, yes you got it right! The song is as raunchy as the trend itself is.

This popular trend involves users pouring steaming hot sauce on food items like fries, nachos, pasta, broccoli or cauliflower while playing the Russian song “Я буду ебать” in the background.

As the beat drop, users take a bite of the food item in front of them and start dancing. Users are following signature steps that are quite easy to follow.

To groove, you have to hold one hand steady on your chest and use the other to do a dab. You have to repeat the steps once on the top of the beat of a Russian song and once when the beat ends. Repeat the hand motions and you are done with the trend.

Food Dance Trend TikTok

Image Of Food Dance Trend TikTok

The viral Food Dance Trend was initiated by a TikTok user named ‘JohnMcginnis36’. He is a Canadian creator, whose real name is John McGinnis. He commenced the trend on September 15 with a video of him taking a bite out of a subway sandwich before dancing to Moreart’s hit Russian song.

This video made him popular on the app and so the viral Food Dance Trend became viral. Before this viral video, John has created many other similar videos. Some of them have even amassed over 50 million views.

In one of the viral clips, this TikTok star takes a bite of corn before grooving to his iconic step to Moreart’s popular song. This video has earned over 76 million views which is quite massive.

This popular TikTok star has earned over 5 million followers so far. He also has garnered more than 100 million views on all of his videos. TikTok users believe that this TikTok star knows how to hit the beats.

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Bottom Line

This was all from the viral Food dance trend from TikTok and the catchy song that plays behind it. Hopefully, you have got all the required information about this popular trend.

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