Video Of Horse Doing TikTok Dance Goes Viral On Internet

In a viral TikTok video, a gorgeous horse is being spotted doing a TikTok dance. The video has gone viral as it has amazed millions of users across the internet. Here is more you need to know about this trendy horse dance video.

TikTok content creators never disappoint us with their amazing content. From adorable pet videos to unseen spooky content, we come across thousands of videos that blow our minds.

When it comes to pet videos, most of the time we have seen adorable dog and cat videos going viral on the app. Just recently, a TikTok video that featured a cat’s reaction while sitting on a dog went viral on the app. This time it isn’t a cat or a dog video that has gone viral, instead, a horse dancing on a TikTok beat has left users astonished.

Video Of Horse Doing TikTok Dance

Image Of Video Of Horse Doing TikTok Dance

A video of a charming horse doing TikTok dance has become popular over the internet. This video was posted by a TikTok user named @jomibaduja_jenny. The video creator has revealed the horse’s name as Mitch. In the viral video, Mitch can be seen grooving to Classic by MKTO.

The video begins as Mitch kisses its owner straight onto the face before taking off her jacket. Mitch’s owner does some series of tricks, which Mitch follows effortlessly. The viral clip further features the duo showing off some moves including jumping and bowing down. The way Mitch follows its owner is truly amazing.

Jenny, Mitch’s owner has amassed a considerable number of followers count on her TikTok handle, thanks to Mitch for its admirable moves and stunts. Most of the people follow Jenny just to witness Mitch and their interesting routine.

If you haven’t checked Mitch’s videos yet, you must follow its owner’s official handle that goes by @jomibaduja_jenny. Jenny has amassed over 147,000 followers on the TikTok account so far. She has further garnered over 5 million views on all of her videos.

Most of the TikTok content on Jenny’s profile features her horses. Jenny has featured many of her other horses in several videos. Some of these videos featured songs like, Here Comes the Night by Tokio Hotel, Danke Danke by Mark Forster, and Hey, Soul Sister by Train among others.

TikTok Horse Dance Video

Mitch’s viral video is now being viewed by over 8 Million users. Thus, we will consider Mitch a TikTok celebrity now.

Users on the internet are so obsessed with the video that they couldn’t stop raving about the house and its owner. Users have also poured thousands of comments under Mitch’s viral video, praising its impeccable skills.

The audience believes that Mitch deserves all the appreciation. After going viral on TikTok, several users have taken the trendy video to several other social media platforms as well.

In the comment box under the viral video, people have expressed their opinion about Mitch’s skills. Here is what people have talked about in the video.

One user wrote, “That’s so cute and good teamwork. Is it a game for the horse or is it more than the wants to please (a bit like dogs)?

Another added, “The challenge is over now!!! They done won the whole thing”.

Some users believe that the horse is better at growing than most TikTok users out there. Addressing Mitch’s owner Jenny, one user wrote, “Your horse does this dance better than I ever will.”

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Concluding Thoughts

This was all about the video that featured a horse dancing on a viral TikTok beat. The video has become immensely popular among internet users. What’s your outlook on Mitch’s skills? Let us know in the below comment box.

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