Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend On TikTok — Explained

Users on TikTok are sharing videos about Spirit Airlines Turbulence and it has become a whole new trend now. If you have been wondering to know what Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend means, you have reached the most appropriate site now. Keep scrolling and get all details about the viral Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend from the video-sharing app.

The Chinese video-sharing app is known for its bizarre video trends and challenges. While some challenges are made for entertainment purposes, the rest revolves around weird things and topics. The recent video trend that made headlines was the Beaning challenge, which involved spilling baked beans on the doors of people. This bizarre trend became so popular that even police had to involve stopping it.

Following the Beaning trend, another trend is going viral on the video-sharing app. Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend involves people creating videos about the turbulence while traveling. Here is why this trend is becoming popular across the globe.

What Is The Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend

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The Spirit Airlines Turbulence video trend on TikTok has become popular after a user named @drosebeauty initiated the trend. This initial video posted by him has amassed over 9 million views so far. The video showcases the turbulence level of Spirit airlines.

@drosebeauty posted the video using the caption, “Never taking spirit airlines again #spirit #spiritairlines #turbulence #flight #uhoh #fyp”. He also added text on the video that read, “We’re about to die”.

As the initial video went viral on the app, @drosebeauty user rolled another video. Before rolling the second video, the user has uploaded a picture captured on an airport with the caption “Follow me for part 2”. The video that followed has also crossed a million views so far. Hence, the turbulence trend has now become hugely popular.

Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend Meaning

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Spirit Airlines Turbulence doesn’t have any specific meaning but the viral phrase talks about the turbulence that travelers experience while traveling with Spirit Airlines. This trend has become popular after a user named @drosebeauty has recorded the air-turbulence and rolled the videos over TikTok.

Although the trend has become immensely popular, the particular airline hasn’t addressed the issue. Spirit Airlines hasn’t talked about the turbulence so, some users doubt the legitimacy of the video. So far we haven’t got any evidence that proves the video is actually taken while traveling with this particular airline.

However, as we followed the hashtag #spiritairlines, we came to know that Spirit Airlines is mainly popular for cheap flights, turbulence, and bad service. This hashtag has also earned over 200 million views so far.

As the videos have gone viral, TikTok users are rolling back-to-back videos showing the same level of turbulence and it seems like people are now manipulating the videos, just to be part of this trend. The majority of content creators are using the hashtag #spiritairlines to come up with funny content.

While the hashtag #spiritairlines has gone viral on the platform, people have also started talking about other issues regarding the airline. Sharing his experience a user named @patriotblake2 talked about an incident when a whole family was kicked out of the plane just because a two-year-old was eating food without a mask on.

Twitter users have also started talking about the trend and the trend is getting traction on other social media platforms as well. Addressing the turbulence level one Twitter user wrote, “Spirit airlines turbulence just hits different”.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Spirit Airlines Turbulence Trend that is getting traction on TikTok lately. Hopefully, the article has provided all the details you needed to know.

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