SpongeBob Text To Speech TikTok — Explained

Are you searching for the new trending feature SpongeBob Text To Speech TikTok? Have you heard plenty of SpongeBob voice over’s on this Chinese video sharing application? Want to know how it works? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space. Keep scrolling and get to know all information related to the SpongeBob Text To Speech TikTok.

TikTok has become massively popular among social media users in a very short time span. Since people from every corner of world are using TikTok, there are millions of brilliant minds who come up with new trends, challenges and features every passing day.

Users on TikTok are currently baffled by the SpongeBob Text To Speech. Most of the users are searching for this feature on TikTok but they are unable to find so. Let’s dive in deep to know the back-story of SpongeBob Text To Speech TikTok.

SpongeBob Voice Generator Text To Speech

Image Of SpongeBob Voice Generator Text To Speech

It’s been so long since the text to speech technology has been introduced. But the quality of text to speech technology has improved due to innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

The most common example of text to speech is Google’s voice assistant. Google assistant allows the voice assistant to respond to calls and make appointments on your behalf. It won’t even let the other person know that there isn’t any actual human on the other end.

A similar feature became viral on TikTok lately. It was named as text to speech effect. It reads the caption written in a video. The feature is hell fun to use as it pronounces the words hilariously. After the text to speech effect people on TikTok are now obsessed with the new SpongeBob voice generator.

How To Make TikTok Text To Speech SpongeBob

Image Of How To Make TikTok Text To Speech SpongeBob

To all the users, who are searching for this feature on TikTok, please don’t waste your energy anymore. This is not a built-in feature of TikTok but you can get it with the help of a simple website. Here’s how to get it,

To get SpongeBob Text To Speech TikTok feature, firstly you have to access the website “15.ai”. Once you open the website, you will get to see an option that says choose the source, on the first row.

You will now get exposed to plenty of options including “My little Pony. Friendship is magic”, “2001:A Space Odyssey”, “Team Fortress 2” “SpongeBob SquarePants” etc. Select the SpongeBob SquarePants option and scroll down to the text box.

You will find the text box at the end of page, once you get there, type anything you want to be converted into SpongeBob’s voice. You can also tap on the generate button to get the auto text.

How To Change The Voice On TikTok Text To Speech

After writing your desired text, tap on the generate button and wait for the text to be generated. Once the voice over generates, scroll through the page and tap on the download link option. Once the download is done, tap on the downloaded voice over and tap on the share button. You can share it to all applications that support this voice over.

Here we will suggest you to share it to the “Videoleap” so that you can edit it instantly. Now write something that you want to upload with the voice over. Once you have generated the video, upload it directly to TikTok feed. Lastly, don’t forget to add the hash tag SpongeBob Text To Speech TikTok.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the trending SpongeBob voice over. Hope you have got enough information related to this viral feature. Get connected with us using the below comment box for further queries.

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