How To Complete Spooktober Challenge On Bitlife

This time Bitlife it is up with the Spooktober Challenge to celebrate Halloween in the last week of October. The challenge has certain requirements to be fulfilled. Curious about knowing how to complete the challenge? Be sure to keep reading and you will get the answer.

BitLife (the top simulator game on Apple store) gives variety of challenges to its users every week. Using some set of rules, commands and random events it enables the gamers to experience a virtual life.

The users start the game as infants, who also will be given virtual parents tasked to take care of them. At the initial stages the users cannot interact with the outside world. They are provided with minimum authorities. As they age, they can make certain decisions like, going off to school, choosing their desired subjects, getting a job, spending money and having a partner as well.

The gamers have the choice to make decisions. The wrong decisions often will take them straight behind the bars or the character will simply die.

What Is Spooktober Challenge On Bitlife

What Is Spooktober Challenge On Bitlife

To celebrate Halloween this season, the Bitlife users are given a spooky challenge named as Spooktober Challenge. The challenge will end by the last of October.

The challenge has come up with certain requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to complete the challenge. To be able to fulfill this challenge you have to earn a descent income. For that you have to perform well in school so that you will be able to purchase the property required for the challenge later.

Once you earn some money, you have to purchase a haunted house so that you can complete the first requirement. I.e. encounter a ghost.

 How To Complete The Spooktober Challenge On Bitlife

To be able to complete the Spooktober Challenge the users have to complete the following tasks.

  • Encounter A Ghost
  • Carve A Scary Jack-O-Lantern
  • Give Candy To A Child
  • Go Out Wearing A Costume
  • Mourn A Dead Friend /Felative

This step by step guide will help you to complete the Spooktober Challenge.

Encounter A Ghost

The first requirement you have to fulfill is to encounter a ghost. You have to purchase a haunted house by clicking on the Assets Tab. After acquiring the haunted house, search for a spirit to summon under the spirits Tab. If you are facing any trouble, just restart from the beginning or increase the age of your character.

Carve A Scary Jack-o-Lantern

The second requirement is carving a scary Jack-o-lantern. You don’t have to do much to complete the task as this is a random event. All you have to do is age your character and you will get more chances to experience the event. This event occurs multiple times in a single life so; you don’t have to put any special efforts.

Give Candy to a child

To complete this task you have to search for someone under 18 on clicking the relationships tab. You can then treat the child with a candy.

Go out Wearing a Costume

The easiest way to complete this task is robbing a bank. You have to attempt a robbery wearing a costume. If you failed to do so, just restart the app and keep trying again and again until you complete the task. But try not to get caught else you will end this behind the bars.

Mourn A Dead Relative/Friend

The hidden task for this spooky challenge is to mourn a dead relative. For that you have to go to the relationships tab and look for an expired friend or a relative. After clicking on their name you will get option to mourn them.


To perform well in the Spooktober Challenge, you have to make right decisions. If you make wrong decisions then your happiness will drop to the lowest level. Subsequently you will become depressed and this may also end your game.

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