Enhance Filter Tiktok – Here’s How to Find It

The several beauty apps and some of the social media applications including Titkok, Instagram and Snapchat have introduced a variety of beauty filters. Using these filters one can change their whole appearance in seconds.

Following this tradition, Tiktok has come up with a new filter earlier this year named as the Enhance Filter. This effect has become hugely popular on Tiktok. But the effect is not so easy to find for all the Tiktok users.

For people, having flawless skin is not a dream now because beauty filters are available for their service. These applications have made it so easy to change your nose size, whiten your teeth, fix your jaw line and color your hair instantly. Just go through the filters section, a single click and magic happens.

What is Enhance Filter On Tiktok

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As the name suggests “Enhance Filter” is an effect that enhances your beauty. It removes all your flaws and helps you look more beautiful. But like other filters, it does not change your looks in just a simple click. You have to dig into the settings to adjust each of your face feature.

It enables you to change the shape of your face, size of your lips and nose, smooth your skin, whiten your teeth and also adds makeup. Some users claim that they did not really feel the difference while others argue that the filter gives you a totally different look.

If you want to see how it actually works, search some videos using #enhancefilter tag. The filter is comprised of several settings unlike the other effects. It allows you to adjust every feature of your face separately.

How To Get The Enhance Filter On Tiktok

Image Of Enhance Filter On Tiktok

Curious about how to get the Enhance Filter on your Tiktok? This is how you can get the effect.

Tap on the bar appearing on the right hand side of your camera

You will see ‘Flip’ on the top

Then go to filters

Scroll down to the third option that says, ‘Enhance’

Now you can make several changes to your videos the way you want.

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If you don’t have the Enhance Filter on your Tiktok, there is nothing to worry about. Keep updating your Application because this effect has been introduced for few users only. Some users have claimed that they have got the filter only when the number of their followers was in double digits, while others have the opinion that, few users only are chosen to test the Enhance Filter. So, it will be available for remaining users very soon.


It has become so easy to look beautiful with a single click in today’s world. The beauty applications have enabled us to look the way we want ourselves to see. One can have his/her desired look just by a single tap.

But there also is a darker side of these filters which cannot be ignored. Many people have criticized these beauty filters as they can have adverse mental and emotional effects on the young generation. The youngsters aging between 16-24 are so obsessed with this artificial beauty. Consequently, they are not ready to accept their real appearance.

People have started living in the world of fantasy by ignoring the reality. This has some serious impacts on their mental health also. People have paid the price of their self esteem for this artificial beauty. So they have long forgotten the meaning of self love, These applications have created a huge imbalance between fantasy and reality. Thus people don’t seem satisfied with their true self.

So, It is important for people to keep a balance between the reality and this artificial world and parents should address this issue seriously.

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