/Srs Meaning Twitter: About The Twitter Abbreviation

/Srs Meaning Twitter is the most searched phrase these days, Users from various social media platforms have expressed their curiosity towards these slang terms. If you are sailing in the similar boat then you have reached the most related spot. Keep reading and get to know the meaning of this widely spread slang word.

After getting encountered with various problems due to imperfect ways of communication, young generation has come up with a method to tackle this issue. Written language has never been a perfect way to communicate because you cannot see the facial expressions, gestures and vocal tones behind a simple text. Due to this reason a simple situation can turn into a disastrous one with just because of a simple misconception.

In a text-only environment, one can also not make others understand the real meaning of a text. So in such situations tone indicators can be used to convey the true meaning of a text message. Currently, social media users are obsessed with using these short-hands. While there are still some people who don’t know the meaning of these tone indicators.

This article will explain some of tone indicators that are currently viral on social media platforms. Keep scrolling!

What Is /Srs Meaning On Twitter

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Interpreting texts can be frustrating sometimes so it’s better to add a tone indicator at the end of message. The viral abbreviation from twitter “/Srs” actually means that you are talking about something seriously and the comment or the post should be taken seriously. While opposite to it users are using “/J” that means something they have just said is said in a hilarious mode or they are simply joking.

Some twitter users have emphasized on the use of tone indicators to convey the proper message. One user has tweeted, “Please learn to properly use /j /s /srs etc. in tweets, it’s way harder to read social cues on the internet because you can’t hear someone’s tone of voice or see their face, don’t expect people to read your mind and know when you’re joking.” So in today’s digitalized world it is important to know about these abbreviations so that you don’t create a mess while communicating.

Origin Of /Srs

There isn’t any specific information about the origin of “/Srs”. But according to urban dictionary it is initially created by neurodivergent to explain the tone of a message. The neurodivergent people (it refers to people with a range of neurological differences including autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia) say that they have trouble deciphering the subtle cues associated with messages. So, Tone indicators are best way to tackle this issue.

These tone indicators are currently famous among Twitter, Tumblr and many other social media communities. Here is a list of commonly used tone indicators for you,

  • /J — Joking
  • /HJ — Half Joking
  • /P — Platonic
  • /LH — Light Hearted
  • /SRS — Serious
  • /S — Sarcastic
  • /NEG — Negative outlook
  • /POS — Positive outlook
  • /GEN — Genuinely asking
  • /G — Genuine
  • /T – Truth (usually an inconvenient one)

Spread Of /Srs On Twitter

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As of now, these tone indicators have spread widely on twitter. Some people have started using these fluently while many other are still confused. They are not able to understand the meaning of these short terms at all.

After seeing so many people use these abbreviations, one twitter user asked. “Can someone tell me what the “/srs” stuff is? I see people put like “/[abbreviation]” after certain tweets and is it like a tw? Or just some sort of warning? Or,, slang.

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Last words

This was all about /Srs Meaning Twitter. Hope you have got enough information related to these viral tone indicators from Twitter and TikTok.

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