Stab The Crab Tattoo TikTok Teaches About EpiPen Use

A TikTok user named @TAYKOBB is flaunting on the Foryou page of TikTok after her “Stab The Crab Tattoo” video goes viral. If you are unable to understand what the popular phrase “Stab The Crab Tattoo” means, keep going through this post.

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction with having the potential to kill someone having within seconds. This life-threatening allergy is found in several people around the globe. Though it isn’t a quite popular form of allergy, it has serious consequences on the lives of people who have it.

It triggers in seconds if you get encounter something you are allergic to such as insect stings/bites, drugs, shellfish, and nuts. After encountering any of the previously stated things, the allergic person goes into an anaphylactic shock.

In order to treat this life-threatening allergy, someone has to stick an EpiPen onto the thighs of the affected person, in order to release an injection of epinephrine into their body. The injected Epinephrine acts quickly to pick up breathing, revive the heartbeat, rises up dropping blood pressure, reverse hives, and reduces swelling of the face, lips, and throat.

However, the majority of people are unaware of the usage of EpiPen. To address this issue, a TikTok user @TAYKOBB has come up with the solution by flaunting her ingenious and hilarious Tattoo on TikTok.

The viral “Stab The Crab Tattoo” video aims to teach people about this life-threatening allergy and ways to tackle it.  In the video, @TAYKOBB has shared her personal experience of suffering from this allergy and how people have dealt with her.

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What Is Stab The Crab Tattoo On TikTok

Image Of What Is Stab The Crab Tattoo On TikTok

Stab The Crab Tattoo On TikTok is an old video posted by a user named @TAYKOBB in September 2020. As the video conveys a very important message, it has become quite popular among the audience. Along with being an informative video, the users have found it hilarious too.

In the “Stab The Crab Tattoo” TikTok video, the user has shared her story of going into a severe anaphylactic shock after encountering a shellfish. In the video she stated “So one time, I had just started dating this guy… he had a shrimp cocktail before he went out for the night. Things were going well and his tongue ended up in my mouth later that night,” She then explained how her date “grabbed her EpiPen and held it above her chest”.

At the end of the video, she shares the very important message of how to use the EpiPen. According to the viral user, the EpiPen must be used in your thigh.

After she went back from that particular date, @TAYKOBB started thinking of ways to stop the same scenario from occurring again. The most useful idea she came up with was to get a new tattoo. “So later when I wasn’t dying anymore it got me thinking. I need to get this new tattoo,” TAYKOBB says.

Following this, she showed the tattoo of a crab made on her thigh and exclaimed that this is the right place to use the EpiPen. “His name is Merlin… so when I have to explain where to use my EpiPen to somebody I can just ask through dying breaths ‘stab the crab’,” she continued.

The idea of screaming out “Stab The Crab Tattoo” is quite effective yet hilarious too, hence hundreds of users have given hilarious reactions to it.

Concluding Words

The popular Stab The Crab Tattoo TikTok video has amassed more than 338,000 likes and users are praising this useful hack. Never forget to get a tattoo if you are allergic to nuts 🙂

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