Strongest Water Gun — How To Get It?

With the trending TikTok Video, TikTok users are probing all over internet to get the Strongest Water Gun. Seems like these water guns will be scarce soon as most of the TikTok users are trying to get their own water gun.

If you are active on TikTok then you might have seen the Aerie Leggings video on TikTok in last week of November this year. As the video went viral, a huge demand for Aerie Leggings was seen and the website was out of stock as all the TikTok users rushed to grab their own pair of Aerie leggings.

Same thing happened when Strawberry Dress, which was designed and made by Lirika Matoshi, a New York-based designer went viral on internet.

This time again, when David Dobrik posted a video on TikTok featuring his water gun, people went crazy about the toy weapon. All the users are now searching for this strongest water gun to shoot some video while having fun with their friends.

If you are wondering to know more about this Water Gun then you are reading the most relevant post. Keep scrolling and get to know all the facts related to this viral video and the water gun.

What Is Strongest Water Gun

Image Of What Is Strongest Water Gun

A trend on TikTok has begun as a user David Dobrik (who has over over 24 million followers) has bought the world’s strongest water gun. The YouTube and social media star David Dobrik, uploaded this video on 2nd of December.

In the video you can hear him saying. “This is part nine of things I’ve bought just because of TikTok, and this is the world’s strongest water gun”. He then shows his water gun that has a digital percentage tab which displays the remaining water percentage inside the gun.

The video then films David shooting water at different people. The video successfully garnered more than 11.9 million views and 2.5 million likes in less than 24 hours. No Doubt the video is fun to watch. If you have missed the video, check David Dobrik’s TikTok account. You will get to see some amazing shoots by the world’s strongest Gun.  

Strongest Water Gun TikTok

Image Of Strongest Water Gun TikTok

To all the people out there who are searching for the gun’s exact name, it is known as as SpyraOne water gun. It comes in two colors blue and red. You can see Dobrik with the blue gun in the viral video.

You can get this gun from SpyraOne official website. The SpyraOne costs $139, while you can avail two guns for $249. The website offers free shipping to United States and Europe. If you are ordering it from some other country then you can get it from Ecommerce websites like Amazon.

According to the website, this is the “best water gun in the world”. It can shoot 24 individuals in just one refill. Further, you can refill it in just 12 seconds. It is also available with power shot that enables you to cover maximum range and precision.

After being viral, it is expected that the gun will get heaps of extra sales. Some users have claimed that they have already placed order for Strongest Water Gun while others are still wondering to get theirs.

As Christmas is just near at the corner, if you are searching for a lovely gift then this toy gun will be the best surprise for your loved ones.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the viral Gun video fever on TikTok. Hopefully the article has provided all available information. Let us know with your comments if the article has given answers to all your queries or not.

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