Sweater Weather TikTok — Another Viral Track On TikTok

The old Sweater Weather TikTok trend has made a comeback on the Chinese video sharing application. Though the videos are pleasing every TikTok user but most of them don’t know the hidden meaning of this track. This trend has become more like an inside joke about which very few people are aware of. Do you know the true meaning of this track? If not, then read this post till the end and get to know all the secrets behind this track.

The song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood was released in 2013. The track got enough praise and it became successful in making into the Billboard Top 100. According to a magazine known as “unpublished magazine” there is a hidden secret behind this song’s popularity. Let’s dive into the details to know the deeper facets of this track.

What Does Sweater Weather Mean

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The sweater weather is used as a shorthand on TikTok these days. This term was once famous on Tumblr and now it has grown as a bisexual anthem on TikTok. You might have seen people exchanging the words as, “Do you listen to Girl in Red?” and the reply comes as “Nope, ‘Sweater Weather.'”

These code words used in the first sentence are referring towards a lesbian singer-songwriter, Girl in Red, who has written and sung many women loving women songs. And the answer “Nope, ‘Sweater Weather.'” Means, they are bi. Though the lyrics are not specifying any bisexuality still it has now grown as the bisexual song on TikTok.

According to the lead singer Jesse Rutherford in her interview to “ABC News Radio”, “One love, two mouths / One love, one house / No shirt, no blouse,” makes the song about sex and intimacy. But it also makes the song relatively genderless.

What Is Sweater Weather About

The song has made its identity as a bisexual anthem because it is being praised most by the bisexual community. According to them the track has given opportunity to more young people to explore and share their sexuality. So, the code”Sweater Weather” is used to identify the fellow bisexuals.

None of the “Neighbourhood band” is openly part of the LGBTQ+ community and the song also isn’t explicitly about being bisexual. As the song is added to the list of “bisexual” playlists on Spotify, and in all the TikTok videos, Tumblr and Twitter comments it has now become a definite substitute of bisexuality.

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Sweater Weather Lyrics Meaning

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The lyrics of the track are quite ambiguous as it starts with a man in opening line but later the addressee becomes a woman. The song also has a line where the singer tells about digging into the California sand wearing High-waisted shorts. High-waisted shorts are mostly affiliated to bisexual style with a sweater.

The song also has some intimacy factors as the lyrics discuss about closeness, touch and physical intimacy. The singer also speaks about touching necks, fingers on tongues, beating hearts and holding hands.

The lyrics goes like this:

All I am is a man

I want the world in my hands

I hate the beach

But I stand in California with my toes in the sand

Use the sleeves of my sweater

Let’s have an adventure

Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered

Touch my neck and I’ll touch yours

You in those little high waisted shorts, oh

She knows what I think about

And what I think about

One love, two mouths

One love, one house

No shirt, no blouse

Just us, you find out

Nothing that wouldn’t wanna tell you about no

‘Cause it’s too cold whoa

For you here and now

So let me hold whoa

Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

And if I may just take your breath away

I don’t mind if there’s not much to say

Sometimes the silence guides our minds to

So move to a place so far away

Last Words

This was all about the secret meaning of the trendiest Sweater Weather TikTok track. Hope this article has provided all the information you were searching for. You can drop a comment if you still have any query related to the track.

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