Tattoo Filter Instagram — Here’s How To Use It

The Tattoo Filter from Instagram is a whole new vibe for Tattoo lovers. If you want to have a real tattoo without bearing any pain, this filter is all you need.

Instagram has inspired its users with its impressive camera filters all over the time. Though it rolled the “Filters” option a little later but it was all worth waiting. Currently, there are hundreds of incredible filters for Instagram users to choose from. The latest addition to Instagram’s catalog of eye-catching filters is the Tattoo Filter. Though the idea of Tattoo filters existed for so long but the filter rolled now is far more realistic than all other filters.

If you haven’t tried this filter yet, here is how to be part of the inked-fam without bearing slightest pain.

What Is Tattoo Filter On Instagram

Image Of What Is Tattoo Filter On Instagram

Tattoo Filter is a new effect created and published on the Photo-sharing app by an augmented reality filter creator Jeferson Araujo. This AR creator is quite famous for his countless effects. He isn’t only famous on Instagram but across all social media platforms. Being attracted by the hyper-realism of his work, over 1 Million Instagram users follow him.

Jeferson Araujo’s Tattoo Filter is the most realistic Tattoo filter among all other filters from this category. Upon applying the filter on to your face, you will experience a digital tattoo super imposed into your skin.

However, this super realistic looking tattoo has confused thousands of users. Some are curious to know about the technology used behind this effect while others are simply praising the development in facial augmentation software.

According to a recent press release reported by Distractify, the latest Tattoo Filter rolled by Jeferson, “uses new technology developed by Facebook Reality Labs, called Skin Segmentation, which makes it possible to separate skin, clothes, and hair, and thus develop filters that are more and more realistic and that blend in with reality. The result sometimes ends up being shocking to the eyes, which at first glance doesn’t even seem to be a filter.”

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How To Use Tattoo Filter On Instagram

Image Of How To Use Tattoo Filter On Instagram

If you haven’t tried the filter yet, follow the below steps to lay your hands over it.

  • Launch your Instagram account and tap on the magnifying glass icon.
  • Now type, Jeferson Araujo and hit enter.
  • Tap on the creator’s profile who has more than 1 million followers.
  • Hit the follow button to get all his previous and upcoming effects.
  • Click on the smiley face icon next to IGTV icon.
  • Slide across the filters until you get the one named “Tattoo Filter”.
  • Once you get the filter, tap on the “Try it” option.
  • Face the camera to get your face tattooed.
  • Once you complete recording the video, tap on the download arrow to download the image.
  • You can also add the video/image directly to your Instagram story.
  • Open your gallery and roll your tattooed picture/video on any of the social media platform you want.

The famous Tattoo Filter by Jeferson Araujo is used 100 million times on the photo-sharing app so far. You would be surprised to know that the designs for the Tattoos are created by the famous artist Lloyd Stratton. When the filter was released, Lloyd Stratton reacted happily to it. He said, “Finally we made it.”

Besides this filter, Jeferson’s many other filters have also crossed millions of impressions. The most famous filter of Jeferson is, “His ‘Angel’ which has crossed 9.1 billion views, 672.4 million openings, 243.7 million captures, and 23.6 million shares.

Last Words

The creative filters rolled by Jeferson are also used by celebrities like Madonna, Stella McCartney, and various other big names. Let us know your experience with this amazing Tattoo filter from Instagram.

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