What Does Adult Swim Mean TikTok — Explained

The latest trend to go viral on TikTok Foryou page is Adult Swim, but what does it actually mean? Let’s discover together!

Known for its viral trends and challenges, TikTok has attracted millions of users from all around the globe. This diversity has now become the cornerstone for the video sharing app as creative heads from all around the world come up with new challenges every day. Currently, Adult swim trend started by TikTok users has got the entire spotlight on internet.

This video trend has become so popular that TikTok’s official Instagram handle has also shared some popular videos from the trend. Let’s find out what does the Adult Swim trend Mean TikTok!

Adult Swim Meaning On TikTok

Image Of Adult Swim Meaning On TikTok

The latest viral trend for mid-2021 is Adult Swim trend that asks the users to create their own bumper or bumps. It gained its popularity from a TikTok account named Vano 3000. As per his TikTok account, Vano 3000 is a producer who has released several hit songs.

The beat used for this popular trend isn’t officially released yet. According to HITC, this background track is yet to be released. While talking about this beat, the producer Vano 3000 has said that he is all set to release this beat in the coming week. Furthermore, the official release date of this beat isn’t known yet. The only information we were able to get about this track is, it is sampled from BADBADNOTGOOD’s Time Moves Slow.

To be part of this trend, users from TikTok are creating their own bumpers or bumps. Later, these videos are being shared with the caption “[adult swim]” or “[as]”. This trend has just begun and it has already amassed massive popularity. One of the foremost factors for its popularity is the involvement of TikTok’s official Instagram handle. After being spotted in TikTok’s Instagram story, users have rushed to know more about it.

Adultswim Meaning

Image Of Adultswim Meaning

The Adultswim bumpers are small video clips, played prior to and after a commercial ad. In the start, the bumpers showed some senior citizens swim with a lifeguard whilst talking through a megaphone. This was then followed by the Adult Swim logo. However, the content is being altered over time. The logo of Adult Swim was also changed in year 2003 and they settled for a simple logo with a black and white color scheme over the previous logo that contained a yellow or red colored scheme.

TikTok users have now taken the transition of Adult Swim to a whole new level and some users are curious to know whether Adult Swim is aware of this trend or not. Content creators are coming up with creative ideas while some videos contain random things and pictures and having adult swim written on them.

TikTok Adult Swim

Considering the popularity, users from other social media platforms have started talking about it. Here are some reactions about the Adult Swim trend given by Twitter users:

One user Tweeted, “The Adult Swim trend on TikTok has got to be one of my favorites ever.” In response to the previous Tweet, another user added. “Please tell me someone at AdultSwim is aware of this trend. I beg.” “There’s this new trend on TikTok where people are making adult swim transitions and it’s so cool I loved it. Feels like an intermission,” said another.

So far, this popular TikTok trend has garnered millions of views and it has got an overwhelming response from users all over the internet.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the famous trend kick-started by the producer Vano 3000. Share your outlook on this short-video trend if you have already participated in it.

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