Taylor Paul TikTok: User’s Haunted House Videos Went Viral

TikTok user Taylor Paul is going viral on the platform for her spooky videos. The mother of two has shared haunted videos of her house and has earned millions of views and hearts. Here is all we know about this popular content creator.

The Chinese video-sharing platform is known for its bizarre video trends and strangest content. From its viral dance videos to funny short videos and horror content, it has specified a corner for each type of content. Users worldwide follow the handles based on their interest and get amused watching the content that grounds on their content.

Currently, a TikTok user who is sharing haunted videos of her house has become the talk of the town. Users are curious to know whether the videos are legit or she is just playing pranks on her followers. If you are among those users who are curious to know the legitimacy of these videos, you must stick to this post.

Who is Taylor Paul on TikTok

Image Of Who is Taylor Paul on TikTok

Taylor Paul is a TikTok content creator with more than a million followers. She is a mother of two beautiful children and her videos mainly revolve around dance, satire, and parenting content. Her TikTok handle goes as @taylorfrankiepaul where she has a follower count of 1.7 million. Taylor’s TikTok handle is active since 2013 and she keeps updating her account regularly. On all of her TikTok videos shared so far, Taylor has racked up more than 41 million views.

Besides TikTok, Taylor Paul is also quite active on Instagram. Currently, she is a famous Instagrammer with more than 98,000 followers as of now. She mainly shares her family photos along with highlights on topics such as fitness, hair, and pregnancy.

Though Taylor hasn’t much about her family, the only known information is that she is two. She lives with her husband Tate Paul and her two children.

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Taylor Paul’s Haunted House

Image Of Taylor Paul’s Haunted House

Recently, a video showcasing a haunted house is making rounds on the foryou page of TikTok. This video is rolled by the TikTok content creator Taylor Paul. The video was rolled by Taylor on August 8th where Taylor can be seen vacuuming the hallway upstairs when the refrigerator and the door next to it leading to another room randomly swing open.

At the same time, the lamp placed in the kitchen starts moving. This spooky video is sending creeps all over the platform since it was rolled on the app. Taylor shared the video along with the caption, “the things we would miss if we didn’t have our house cams #haunted #scary #hauntedhouse”. She further wrote on her video, “my house” and “Everyone: is ur house haunted?”

This viral video has amassed more than 10 million views so far. Considering this massive number of views and hearts, we can say that her followers are quite convinced that her house is haunted. But to clarify this video, Taylor has rolled another video. In this recent video rolled on the 10th of August, Taylor has responded to some of the questions made by her fans. This recent video is captioned as “don’t take everything so seriously”. Considering this caption, we can conclude that Taylor’s house isn’t haunted rather she was pulling a prank on her fans.

As soon as users came to know about the truth of the viral video, they responded as follows:

One user wrote, “If you’re saying that we should not take things so seriously then you’re telling us that your house is not indeed haunted, right! Cool thanks.” “You should show us more haunted videos” added another.

Last Words

This was all about the viral TikTok content creator Taylor Paul and her rumored haunted house. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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