Teleport Filter — Here’s How To Get Your Hands On It

Have you seen a lot of transformation videos with hash tag Teleport Filter on TikTok lately? Want to what exactly is it and how to access it? If yes, then you are reading the most related post. Keep reading and get to know all facts related to this trending filter.

TikTok is famous for its challenges, trends and filters. The TikTok users have their hands on thousands of filters and the count is still on. As we wake up every morning and scroll through the Tokfeed we get exposed to variety of new filters. Users have plenty of filter options to choose from. For every occasion the users get to see some new filters, this is why millions of users are tied to this application.

Currently, TikTok users are obsessed with a transformation filter “Teleport Filter” that will amaze your Tokfam by changing your surroundings within a second. Let’s dig in deep to know more about this trendy effect.

What Is Teleport Filter On TikTok

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Teleport filter enables the users to change their surroundings within seconds. Once applied, the filter helps you to disappear from the screen and then appear back with a new background and that in just few seconds.

It totally justifies its name, as it gives the appearance of someone teleporting. If you have ever wished to get teleported to a place while just looking at that certain location’s image, this TikTok filter will fulfill your dream. This is the best opportunity to live your fantasy.

The teleport filter has become massively popular among the TikTok community. TikTok users have poured millions of videos using the filter. One reason behind its popularity is that, the filter creates a unique scenario. It allows you to travel wherever you want to.

How To Use Teleport Filter On TikTok

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If you have no idea about how to use this filter, then we have got you covered. Here is how to access the filter on TikTok.

Firstly, open your TikTok application and tap on the plus icon. Before proceeding make sure that your application is updated to its newest version. If your application isn’t up-to-date, update it once so that you can access all the newly rolled filters and features.

After updating the app, tap on plus icon and hold then click on the option that says “effects”. Go through the effects gallery until you get the Teleport filter with a yellow icon. Once you get it, tap on this yellow effect to be able to select pictures from your camera roll.

Now as you select the photo, stay still and extend your palm towards the camera to start teleportation. Within seconds your background will get replaced with that of your desired location. This way you can travel to your favorite locations virtually from the comfort of your bed.

The filter even gives you options of various locations if you don’t have any related image in your gallery. You can simply select the locations offered by the filter. Some users might not be able to get the filter in their filter’s gallery; here is a quick hack for such users.

If you are unable to find this filter in your filter gallery, then you can simply go to the Foryou page and open any of the video that has used the teleport filter. Open the filter and add the effect to your filters gallery so that you can access it instantly.

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Concluding Remarks

Teleport filter can also be used in a unique way; you can simply add few lines with the video saying “apparently this is where I will be standing in next five years”. This was all about the yellow teleport filter from TikTok. Hope you have got ample information related to this trendy filter.

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