That Vegan Teacher Arrested — Is This True?

The rumor That Vegan Teacher Arrested is again flaunting on TikTok this week. Similar fake news was viral on TikTok and many other social media platforms last month. But this might be true because, the TikTok account of this Vegan Teacher is banned from the video sharing platform. Want to know more about this viral news? If yes, then stick with us and keep scrolling.

TikTok users are curious to know if the vegan teacher is arrested or not after the news went viral. Similar thing happened back in January but it turned to be a rumor as she came forward with a TikTok video to explain the entire scenario. This time again, the social media users are flooding the video sharing app with the rumors that she has ended up in jail.

Some users who didn’t know her much and are not aware about her history, are also curious to know the whole tale. If you are among those readers, here is all you need to know about the animal right activist known on TikTok as Vegan Teacher. Keep reading!

Who Is Vegan Teacher

Image Of Who Is Vegan Teacher

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer aka Vegan Teacher is a social influencer who has a considerable followers count on various social media platforms. Kadie usually makes videos slamming celebrities for not being vegan. She calls herself as an animal rights activist and she rolls many videos in favor of animals.

Currently, she is being banned from the video sharing application because millions of users didn’t like her. The way she slammed many celebrities, became the reason of her fan’s hatred for her. Before getting banned, she had a followers count of 1.6 Million on TikTok.

If you want to know more about her then you can follow her on her Instagram account, which is still active. You can find her under the user name @theveganteacherr. She has around 2k followers on her Instagram account but she isn’t quite active on this photo sharing app.

Why That Vegan Teacher Got Arrested

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Vegan Teacher used to slam celebrities and many other well known people using her TikTok account. She gained the spotlight in late January this year after criticizing the famous chef Gordon Ramsay. She uploaded a video singing. “‘Eating animals is wrong Gordon Ramsay / Hurting animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay’. Share this song and if you call me a “donut”, that’s fine, as long as you’re vegan from now on.

In reply to this video, Chef also came forward with a video that featured him eating a meat burger. He also called her “Vegan doughnut” in anger. Since then, many of Ramsay’s fans have reported her account and now finally she is banned from the Chinese video sharing application.

Read the back-story of Vegan Teacher here TikTok Vegan Teacher

Did That Vegan Teacher Get Banned From TikTok

Though the news of Vegan Teacher’s arrest is fake, but it is true that she got banned from the video sharing app. Kadie was available on the app under user name @theveganteache. But now you won’t be able to find her as her account says “Couldn’t find this account”.

She was often criticized for forcing her vegan values on all other users. This was the reason why she was not liked by most of the users. It is believed that, her TikTok is banned because her account is being reported by many of the users. Many other social media users are sharing a list of allegations that directed her towards jail, but we can’t conclude anything until the news gets confirmed.

Final Thoughts

The news saying “That Vegan Teacher Arrested” is not confirmed yet. But we can surely say that she is being banned from the video sharing application TikTok.

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