Gotask App — Here’s All About The Earning App

Are you wondering to know if Gotask App is a real or fake application? Want to earn using the App but worried about its legitimacy? Well, don’t worry because we are here for your service. Keep reading and get to know all details about this earning application.

With down fall of job markets due to Corona pandemic, people are searching for online ways to earn their livelihood. But in this scenario, there are many fake websites that are deceiving people. Plenty of new online businesses have entered the online job market and it is difficult to differentiate if they are legit or not.

In Today’s article we will discuss about the earning Gotask App, its legitimacy and performance. Keep scrolling!

What Is Gotask Earning App

Image Of What Is Gotask Earning App

Gotask Earning App is new online earning application that claims to help people earn Rs. 24 to Rs. 45675 per day by doing some simple tasks in-app that are more like watching videos on Facebook. They assign tasks to their registered users and upon completion of that task; they give their remuneration as commission.

Joining the application is quite easy. All you have to do is download the app and then get yourself registered. The app claims that even an ordinary person can earn thousands of cash only by completing some simple tasks like watching videos. Upon downloading the application it will ask you to provide the following details,

Your Phone number


Trade Password

Then you will be asked for verification code (You will get it once you enter your number)

And in the end, it will ask you to enter your WhatsApp number. After registering you can now enter the application and start earning. But before downloading and providing all your details to this App, please read the App review, given in the next paragraph.

Gotask App Review

After examining all its features and tasks assigned, we have come to the conclusion that this application is doubtful. We are not sure if it really pays to its customers or not. You might even find some, who got their payment from the app, but there also are chances that Maybe they pay some of their users to show their app is genuine.

After going through the reviews of this application, we have found that so many users are not happy with its performance. Another doubtful point about this android application is that there is no detail about the owner or you won’t get any registration details.

Some users have also claimed that it consumes a lot of battery and there also are so many network problems. You will also get to see plenty of ads, while scrolling through the app and it is quite disgusting. So, we would suggest the readers not to share your credentials with such applications.

Is Gotask Earning Real Or Fake

Image Of Is Go Task Earning Real Or Fake

So far, we have found this application doubtful. We can’t say anything about its legitimacy. While going through the application we have found one positive thing about this app. Only aspect that attracted us was its user interface. Its UI is quite user friendly but the ads it show are so disturbing.

Some users have complained that, when you get close to getting paid whether be it money or any cool gadget, it will cut you off. The model of this application is designed to get people on the app, so that more advertisements will be watched by them resultantly the application will earn.

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Final Verdict

After going through the user’s reviews and app details, we have concluded that the application is suspicious. So, we would suggest our readers not to share their important credentials.

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