The What Meme — All About The Rug Doctor Woman Ad

Heard your social media friends talking about The What Meme? Want to know what this weird named comic trend means and when it originated? If yes, then you are scrolling through the most relevant post. Keep scrolling and get to know all details about this viral image from 2014.

With more and more people joining the social media platforms, meme games are getting stronger. Every time you open the social media sites, you will witness a new hilarious trend flaunting on your newsfeed.

In some recent days, users were obsessed with the Evergreen Meme that went viral after a massive container ship was stuck in the Suez Canal blocking hundreds of ships and authorities were trying to free the cargo ship using a tiny excavator. Meme creators filled the internet with variety of Evergreen Memes that went viral widely.

Similar to this, plenty of memes are created by meme creators that spread giggles all over the internet platforms. In Today’s article we will talk about the viral “Rug Doctor Woman Ad” that has survived for more than seven years on internet.

What Is The “The What Meme”

The famous comic trend is also known as “Rug Doctor Woman Ad,” that emerged in the year 2017. It belongs to the exploitable image macro series and reaction image series. That depict a lady using a carpet cleaner in a Rug Doctor advertisement. The image got the attraction of meme creators because of the blank stare and smile of the lady standing with the carpet cleaner.

The picture of lady is used as a reaction image or an object labeling macro that expresses incredulity or puzzlement. Initially it was used as to describe how to cover up a murder. Since 2017, the image is being used by thousands of content creators and this seven year old trend is still alive on the internet.

Image Of What Is The The What Meme

Origin Of The Meme

As stated earlier the it originated in 2014 after an old Rug Doctor advertisement featuring a lady holding a carpet cleaner was used widely in the retail stores alongside Rug Doctor Products and rentals.

Though the exact origin of this comic trend is not known so far, but the earliest examples available on internet dated back to November 2014. The very first viral post was made by a Redditor known as Kittty_velor. She uploaded the image to the r/funny subreddit on June 26th, 2017. It got over 5,300 upvotes and 99 comments from the redditors.

Spread Of The Meme

Image Of Spread Of The Meme

After this viral reddit post it reached to other subreddits. The first traditional format of this meme was rolled by a Redditor RapperKid31 on June 28th, 2017 to the subreddit r/memes. This post was shortly followed by another meme that was uploaded on the Instagram.

It was uploaded by a user made_in_england on June 29th, 2017. This time it could only rack up 116 hearts from the Instagram community.  On that day, another meme was added by MohAki1 to an Imgur gallery with the title ““Thursday meme dump (60) — Mohstly fresh.”

After this, the image resurged on internet in 2019, but this time it came with a new format, it contained the word “What” placed over the lady’s face and was split into two sections as a reaction image.  This format became widely spread and it was counted among the commonly used styles in 2019. This is how the trend got its name as “What Meme”. Later the meme also reached Twitter and became popular among the users.

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Concluding Thoughts

This was all about the viral “What Meme” that roots back to 2014.  Hopefully this article has provided enough information about this hilarious trend.

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