The Where Are You Going Dog Video Going Viral

Earlier this week a talking dog video has gone viral on TikTok. The dog can be clearly heard saying ‘Where Are You Going’ in this viral snippet. If you haven’t watched the video yet, here is what it is all about.

Since the launch of TikTok, we have witnessed thousands of videos that showcased pet owners having fun with their pets. Among all the pet videos, dog videos have always remained users’ favorite. From the Owa Owa video to the viral Happy Dog trend, hundreds of dog videos have gone viral so far.

However, a new dog video has gone viral recently that has outthrown all the previous pet videos. In the video, the cute doggo can be heard asking ‘Where Are You Going’ and it has baffled all the users. But does this dog really speak? Let’s explore together!

Did The Dog Really Say ‘Where Are You Going In The Viral Video?

Image Of Did The Dog Really Say ‘Where Are You Going In The Viral Video

People on the video-sharing app are baffled after seeing a dog saying “Where Are You Going” in a viral video. The video is rolled by a user known on TikTok as @cheekclapper. As the video creator was checking her attire in the front cam, a doggo enters the corridor and asks where she was going.

@cheekclapper has captioned the video, “I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute”. We are not sure if anyone has checked her outfit or not, but we can surely say that the doggo has spoken good English.

As soon as the video was uploaded, it went viral garnering 2.1 Million hearts so far. It is being viewed more than 8 Million times, that quite massive for a dog video. People have also poured thousands of comments in the comment box, the majority of them are curious to know if the doggo can really speak English.

Some users have suggested the dog owner, take him on a talent show because the dog has really got some serious talent.

Dog Saying ‘Where Are You Going Video

Image Of Dog Saying ‘Where Are You Going Video

As soon as the video went viral, animal lovers have taken it to several other social media platforms. Whilst sharing this viral video on Twitter, a Twitter user @puthtshh_grl wrote, “Woah! Don’t know what I’d do if my dog asked me, “Where are you going?” Another user added, “Dogs are officially humans now.”

Thousands of TikTok users have also reached the comment box in awe. After being baffled by this viral video, one user took it to the comment section saying, “LMAOAOOAO THE WAY HE IS STANDING AND STARING IN THE BEGINNING.”

Some users have argued that the doggo was actually saying “Well DAYUM.” But the majority of TikTok users are convinced that the dog asked “where are you going”.

One user has perceived that the dog was somehow complementing his owner. He wrote, “I’m pretty sure that was a compliment.”

Similar to this, many other animal lovers have appeared in the comment box praising the dog’s cuteness. One user wrote in the comment section, “So adorable! And such a distinguished voice!”

The ‘Where Are You Going’ video has become immensely popular and the dog owner also has got some new followers. Most of these new followers are inspired by the dog’s cuteness and they are waiting to witness some more adorable videos. Being inspired by the dog’s cuteness one user addressed the owner saying, “I am your dog’s biggest fan. He clearly has a sense of humor.”

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the viral video that showcases a dog saying ‘Where Are You Going. Hopefully, you have got all information about this cutest creature.

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