TikTok Banning Fanpages, How To Stop?

TikTok is an inclusive platform built upon the foundation of creative expression. It encourages users to celebrate what makes them unique, while finding a community that does the same. TikTok deeply values that our users come from a huge breadth of nationalities and cultures, and it takes into account the cultural norms and local regulations of the countries we operate in.

Security concerns are nothing new to TikTok. Many TikTok users began taking to social media on to warn others that TikTok was banning fanpages from the app. TikTok has not publicly announced that it is banning fanpages for any specific reason, however users have been seeing their favorite fanpages disappearing over the past few days.

A few hours after the announcement was made, many TikTok content creators updated their bio to share their handles on Instagram and YouTube. While some said they were already sharing their TikTok videos on other platforms and were using the app to create videos, others said they have started new pages to keep in touch with followers.

Following the ban, the app was removed from Google play store and Apple App Store. However, for users who already have the app, its content is still available and videos can still be posted.

Many posted farewell videos on the platform, thanking fans for their “love and support”. Some said they agreed with the government’s move and will delete their account from the app. The hashtags #TikTokban and #ByeTikTok featured in many videos whose creators said would be their last one on the platform.

image of TikTok banning fanpages

How To Stop Your Page Being Banned?

First and foremost is to change your profile picture. Users have been claiming that the app is banning fan accounts based on their profile picture. So, if your profile photo is of a celebrity or TikTok star then it will automatically assume you are a fanpage. They ban you.

It is currently unknown whether this is actually true. But TikTok users have been changing their profile pictures to avoid a potential ban. Users are suggesting that fanpages change their picture to a plain black image. A random photo of an animal to avoid getting banned.

In order to keep their fan pages live on TikTok, some of the people who run them have changed their profile pictures. So that they don’t share a photo with the person they’re paying tribute to. Obviously, one of the ways fan pages operate is by reposting content from the star that they’re trying to honor. That becomes harder when you can’t use a profile picture of the person to identify yourself. 

Is TikTok Really Banning Fanpages?

Although these pages may seem harmless to most TikTok users. Some are claiming that the platform has actually started to remove fan pages altogether. TikTok hasn’t made any official statements so far about a policy change that would lead them to ban fan pages. But users have taken to social media in recent days. They are suggesting that some of their favorite fan pages dedicated to stars like Charli D Amelio or Addison Rae are vanishing.  Social media users have expressed their views about it on Twitter.

One said ‘”why you banning fan page”

Another user said “TikTok is banning fanpages is it real?” but TikTok has not responded yet.

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Like many social media sites TikTok has created its own generation of stars. These users have enormous followings and tremendous influence. They’ve also developed a devoted fanbase in the years since TikTok was first introduced to the United States. With success comes fan pages, which are designed to give fans a chance to better understand the ins and outs of a TikTok star’s life. Currently fans are worried due to the TikTok banning fanpages.

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