Snapchat Halloween Map And The Spooky Pumpkins

Having the Halloween just at corner, most of you might be busy preparing your costumes and probably you haven’t noticed the new Snapchat Halloween Map.

Snapchat has surprised its users with a new update this year. Have you checked this new spooky Snapchat Halloween map update? If not, just swipe over to your Snapchat map so that you won’t miss this amazing update.

Like every year, Snapchat has rolled out a new map along with some spooky filters for its users this Halloween season. For now, it is a dark Halloween map having some ghostly pumpkins and candy corns.

The moment this Snapchat Halloween map was up, folks out there started searching for the meaning of pumpkins, candy corn and other items present on their map. If you are among those wanderers read on and you will get your queries solved.

Many times in past, Snapchat updated its features for certain festivals. The current update is just a series of this tradition.

Snapchat Halloween Map 2020

Image Of Snapchat Halloween Map 2020

Snapchat Halloween Map 2020 is quite different form the map you see every day on your mobile screen. The map has been given a dark purple color, further decorated with little pumpkins all around.

Since then the users are curious to know the secret behind these pumpkins. Some users suggest that the pumpkins might show Halloween clues or some secret prizes. But in reality, the pumpkins don’t really mean anything. They are added in the map just to inform the users about Halloween’s arrival.

If you are live on Snapchat you probably would have idea about the Snapchat’s festive updates. Snapchat comes with new updates for so many festivals in a year.

Back in 2017 Snapchat introduced Halloween map featured with bright orange oceans and turned the continents into a striking black color. This feature was not liked by most of the users. Most of them stated on social media that it just gave them headache.

In past, snap map was once updated to feature some kind of mini game. An Easter Egg Hunt was held in which users were supposed to travel in real life following the Easter egg graphics shown on the map. This enabled the users to earn points.

What Are The Pumpkins On Snapchat Map

Image Of What Are The Pumpkins On Snapchat Map

To all of you who don’t have idea what these pumpkins on the Snapchat map are, here is the answer, these pumpkins are mere items for decor. Neither they are some clues for Halloween nor are they any secret prizes. The pumpkins are designed only to give you Halloween feel.

Most of the Snapchatters have liked this update, saying that the new festive look is cool. Many of them stated if they can have this spooky theme for the year around. Few of the Snapchat users have criticized Snapchat to introduce some useful features instead.

Some Snapchatters have thrashed Snapchat over twitter saying that it would be great if Snapchat gives attention to updates that might be helpful. They have been demanding for the Snapchat black mode since so long but Snapchat is busy bringing useless updates.

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Snapchat has always taken lead when it comes to amazing fancy updates. Since its launch, it comes up with new looks for festivals every year. The ghostly Snapchat Map update this year is giving us Halloween vibes already. This new update is praised by so many users while few of them seem irritated. In order to please all its users Snapchat should come up with some technical updates along with the fancy ones.

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