TikTok Hand Signal — How To Do It?

TikTok hand Signal that went viral recently on the platform has helped the police rescue a troubled 16-year-old girl in Kentucky. What is the TikTok hand signal and how to do it? Let’s find out together.

Just a few years after its launch, TikTok has emerged as one of the biggest social media applications. Thanks to the content creators, who have come up with amazing content to entertain users and retain them over time. It’s the TikTok content that keeps the audience engaged, thus making the video-sharing app a huge success.

From dance videos to funny skits, DIY videos, and cooking-related content and information videos, you will find a variety of videos to keep yourself engaged. These videos aren’t for entertainment purposes only, they also play a vital role in adding to your information.

Just recently, the “Help Hand signal” went viral on the app, which later helped in rescuing a young girl who was in trouble. Here is how the TikTok hand signal helped the 16-year-old girl and how it can be used to represent domestic violence.

What Is TikTok ‘Help’ Hand Signal?

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In a recent viral video, a 16-year-old victim was spotted making a hand gesture to represent domestic violence. This hand gesture has now become popular on TikTok and users are trying to learn other similar gestures.

According to some reports, the victim who used the help hand signal in the viral video is being rescued and a 61-year-old man is arrested after the missing girl was found in his car.

As the young girl was rescued, TikTok users are now talking about the importance of learning such gestures. People deem that, learning hand gestures has become crucial than before as domestic violence cases have reportedly risen since the pandemic has hit the world.

Revealed by Laurel County Sheriff’s Office, the hand gesture “represent violence at home — I need help — domestic violence”.

In a recent statement given by  Kentucky Sheriff’s Department, the police cops were able to track the girl after someone informed them about the distress hand gesture she was making from a truck.

Police departments are also trying to educate people about the domestic violence signals. In a recent Twitter post, Halton Police has tried to create awareness about this sign.


Isolation can increase the risk of violence at home. Use this discrete gesture during a video call to show you need help:

1. Hold hand up with palm facing the other person.

2. Tuck thumb into palm.

3. Fold fingers down over thumb.”

How To Do The Hand Signal When In Trouble?

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To show domestic violence, you can do the Hand Signal, with a single hand only. All you have to do is,

  • Extend your hand with your fingers open.
  • Face your palm.
  • Tuck in your thumb.
  • Bend all fingers over your thumb.

This hand signal is universally called as, “The violence at the home signal for help.”

While talking about this must-learn hand sign, The Canadian Women’s Foundation says, “The Signal for Help is a tool that may help some people, some of the time. Some people do not have the ability to make video calls. Please find other resources, services, and programs… that may be helpful in an unsafe situation at home.”

As the help hand signal has gone viral on TikTok, users have taken it to Twitter and several other platforms to create awareness among their friends.

One Twitter user wrote, “Hand signals just saved an abducted teenager. Could save lives!”

Another said, “Never cared about TikTok much till I read about a 16-year-old who used Tik Tok hand signals. Agree now that everything new and on social media is not bad”.

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Bottom Line

This was all about TikTok’s Hand Signal and its popularity on the internet. Hopefully, the information provided here was fruitful. Be alert and stay safe!

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